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SEN funding for a pupil in an Independent school

Discussion in 'Independent' started by deedan40, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Do pupils in independent schools have access to LA funding? Due to an ongoing medical issue my friend's daughter is missing out on a great deal of her education. The school have applied for support but, due in part to ignorance of the system, they have been categorically refused. The LA have said that as she is privately educated she does not have a right to LA funding.
    Is this true? Can anyone point me in the direction of any relevant legislation. I've looked at the SENCoP and can't find anything definitive and the Every Child Matters framework does not reflect current policy.

    I'm going round in circles at the moment so would really appreciate any help...

    Thank you

  2. Ireton

    Ireton New commenter

    For the last two years we had a pupil who had a statement from the LA and we received an amount of money to provide support.This went towards extra staff cover on trips and other events for a one to one and allowed the pupil to experience activities that may have been closed to them.

    I would imagine that IPS or ISC would be able to offer advice regading this but it will be up to the head to appraoch them. Otherwise it would be worth speaking to the LA again and seeing what would be needed. There have been occasions in my career when pupils at the prep schools I have taught in would be better off in the state system, simply because of the support they would have received.

  3. Thank you Ireton. Friend has just informed me that she doesn't want to "go down the statement route". I have told her that funding is only available with a statement so she is now considering that as an option. Wish she'd told me yesterday before I spent the afternoon wandering round the internet looking for relevent legislation!

    Thanks again.

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