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SEN Entry 1 IT, English and Numeracy

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by carlpicot, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    I am in first term of teaching an Entry 1 SEN group (specialist FE) and have been given ICT, Literacy and Numeracy to teach them.

    They are also studying City and Guilds Level 1 qualifications in personal progress.

    These would previously have been taught by other tutors in the college but have now been given to the main tutor. I have two days left to do schemes of work but am struggling for ideas for lessons.

    Would anyone have any experience in this field and be able to help me out - maybe some resource sites, lesson plan ideas or even schemes of work?

    I have tried SEN teacher with limited success.

    Many thanks

  2. The subjects I'm having difficulty with are ITC and Maths and also Literacy - although I've found a few resources with Literacy.

    The units for personal progression are (Year 1) - 026 all about me, 013 Healthy living, 029 Engaging with people and 030 Engaging with events. (Year 2) - 011 Keeping safe, 020 Personal enrichment, 019 Getting out and about and 025 Getting on with other people.

    All my students are entry 1 except for one who is entry 2 I think by his work so far - so he may be moving to a higher group.

    I'll have a look at your site, many thanks, I'm very grateful that you have taken the time to respond.

    Thanks again

  3. Hi Carl
    I teach both Literacy and ICT at this level. I teach the 'Engaging with Events' in ICT; we use cause and effect games, starting with simple switch activation moving on to interactive whiteboard games. Some have even started to 'dress Santa' by using drag and drop. I have also used technology such as a keyboard to show an effect.

    In terms of Literacy, none of the above are units that I deliver; I tend to keep to the reading, writing and communication elements there.

    If you require any more info, let me know
  4. Hi Ricky,

    Many thanks for the reply.

    Yea the units do not really matter so much as Im ok with them its just basic IT ideas that I am after really.

    Literacy at the moment is just word and letter formation and also stuff like hangman, but I feel that I need more ideas as the lessons are lacking excitement if you get my drift? It is a separate subject and does not integrate with the other units

    So do you integrate the 'Engaging with events' with ICT ??

    The interactive games sound good. Are these from a website or stuff from your own college?

    thanks again

  5. Hi Carl
    I integrate 'Engaging with Events' into ICT because there were no suitable ICT courses. Plus it lends itself to 'making things happen' via cause and effect. The TESi board has some drag and drop activities for more advanced students. I use 'Priory Woods' website which allows you to download cause and effect software.
    You could even use 'bop it' (a toy - which shouts out instructions that you have to repeat in order).
    As long as the students are making things happen, you would be covering the unit. I put an ICT slant to it by ensuring the 'making things happen' was done using technology.

    Literacy: I tend to use flashcards to teach new words. Students like to take turns to shout, whisper, speak the words. I tend to use a matching activity whereby students match a picture to a symbol+word card. Also, things like bingo tend to work when testing what the students have learned.
    If you want any more advice or have a theme in mind, email me and I would be happy to send some resources to you. rky_ricky@hotmail.com

  6. Hi Ricky

    That's brill thanks

    I will email you.


  7. Hello
    I have taught all the functional skills and most of those personal progress units.
    For All About Me we did lots of work on likes and dislikes; food tasting, a disco session with music voting, TV programmes etc.
    It would probably be best to email me and I can point you to some sites I use as well as resources

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