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SEN Dissertation topic ideas

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by RobbynM, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. I am starting my 4th year at university studying primary teaching. I am starting to think about my dissertation and have chosen SEN as my topic. I realise that this a very broad topic choice and have a couple of ideas to narrow it down a bit. My thoughts are to research parental attitudes to SEN, possibly looking at the impact of support from parents working with the school. My other idea is to look at teaching strategies used to support a child with a specific learning need and compare these in both mainstream and special needs schools.

    If anyone has any suggestions of journals, articles, books etc. that relate or any possible research questions related then I would appreciate your help. Or if anyone can suggest another area within SEN that would be beneficial to research.

  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Look at the work of Professor Andy Hargreaves re parents and schools. I have just written something on parental engagement so can give you a starter for 10. Consider the difference between engagement and involvement ( of parents ) and impact on students ' progress. ( Also currently topical re AFA programme). Good Luck whatever you decide.
  3. Dodros

    Dodros Star commenter

    My own research interests, now I am retired, turn particularly on school foreign language learners with SEN. My background is in secondary education, teaching French and German to all comers before moving into SEN where I still taught MFL but spent most of my time boosting literacy and numeracy development. I have a website at


    where I have posted my presentation, publications and teaching resources.

    Reading your message, I wonder whether you might find some mileage in studying the introduction and progress of the Modern Foreign Language as a new key stage 1/2 subject from the perspective of primary students with various categories of SEN? There's plenty of professional literature about MFL for SEN, I've found over 1800 references worldwide, but not enough of them relate to primary-aged learners.

    My suggestion is just a thought, arising from your "other idea (...) to look at teaching strategies used to support a child with a specific learning need and compare these in both mainstream and special needs schools. " Whatever you eventually choose to study, good luck with your research.
  4. Hi last year I completed my dissertation by completing an ethnographic study at an alternative education provider where 80% of pupils had sen.some of the issues I looked at were a lack of teacher training in sen, late diagnosis of pupils, negative teacher attitudes towards pupils with sen, like you said it's such a broad topic narrow it right down so you are not overwhelmed by data good luck get started and you can adapt your research question as you begin your lit review.
  5. Thankyou, I will definitely have a look at Andy Hargreaves's work, that's given me something to think about as I guess engagement and involvement are completely different so this could give me an interesting research topic. thank you again for your suggestions, I will have to start bringing together my research.
  6. Thankyou, this is an interesting suggestion and something that I hadn't thought about. I will have a look at the literature supporting this and read into it some more. With MFL being introduced at primary level, it could be interesting to look at how teachers introduce this to the class as a whole and also how they support SEN learners & enable them to progress.

    Thank you again for your suggestion, I have a lot to think about and research.
  7. Thank you for your suggestions. I know it is such a broad topic and I'm finding it hard to narrow it down as there are a lot of links. Thank you, I will try and narrow it down so that I can study a number of issues that affect each other. Thank you again.
  8. sarah_12_92

    sarah_12_92 New commenter

  9. sarah_12_92

    sarah_12_92 New commenter

    I was looking at the one you did. As I am in my last year of uni and I couldn’t gather much information on it. Do you have any ideas for research

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