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SEN dissertation question help.

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by hannah_marie, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone- just looking for some guidance really. I've already settled that I want to look at children with ASD in the setting of a special school (having originally considered a comparison of mainstream and special schools). I had been looking at inclusion teaching strategies but as someone pointed out- this may not be applicable in a special school and kindly suggested instead-Which teaching strategies support children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in a special school?
    I just want some feedback as to what you think to this as a research title- is it perhaps too simplistic?... or any other suggestions for a title question.
    Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!!
    Many thanks.
  2. Which teaching strategies support children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in a special school?
    Well, I would say there are about as many teaching strategies as there are autistic children.
    Simplistic? I would say incredibly and ridiculously broad. Believe it or not there is a lot of inclusion going on in 'Special Schools'. There are lots of children who cannot cope or be served in the 'mainstream' of special schools and find themselves in one to one schemes or alone in adoining rooms, with limited timetables, home schooled, or tucked into cubicles in the corner.
    I would suggest finding out how many autistic children have other issues such as high anxiety, psychotic disorders, depression or ptsd and are not being helped.

  3. Hi Hannah
    How about something like 'Exploring a Pedagogy for Autistic Spectrum Condition pupils in mainstream and special education contexts'. ? Pedagogy sounds more academic than teaching strategies! BTW I prefer Condition rather than Disorder as it's got a less negative sound than disorder - but I know the use of the two terms varies!
    Good luck with your research - post up if you want any help with it!
  4. Ah, I hadn't though of it that way hollyleaf- thank you for that! I like your ideas but I'm not sure how I could really go about finding such information. They would definately be very interesting though! I had spoken to my tutor worried about whether such questions would be too broad and she's told me to stop worrying as the title is narrowed down by the research questions. I was unaware of the one to one schemes within special schools. Your insight is very useful- I wish I had more knowledge and experience of teaching in special school to look into these sort of areas and their impact!
    Thanks Rachel- your wording sounds so much more eloquent!! I will change to condition as I agree that disorder does seem to have negative connotations. I would probably change it again slightly to 'Exploring a Pedagogy for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition in mainstream and special education contexts' as my SEN lecturer has explained the importance of the child coming before the disability.
    Thanks again. Any further suggestions welcome!
  5. Hi guys jsut started a new thread looking for support on research questions.
    Any further guidance you could give would be fab. Thanks

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