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SEN Assessment

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by willowdizzy, May 15, 2016.

  1. willowdizzy

    willowdizzy New commenter

    I am looking for advice on how people are now assessing SEN pupils after P levels. We are not using a purchased system like target tracker but have made our own system using 'below' 'towards' 'at' and 'deeper learning.' Obviously our SEN pupils are generally 'below' the year group expectations, however I am concerned that we can't show progress for these pupils if they are always 'below.' We have trialled using the year below their academic year which works in KS1 but in KS2 we have an issue where in Year 6 we have a range of year groups they are working 'towards' or 'at.' The teacher can't teach three or even four different year group expectations so therefore we have come full circle and are back at 'below.' Has anyone else tried anything like this and how are they getting on? Advice is needed.
  2. T34

    T34 Lead commenter

    I was under the impression that P levels still exist.
  3. burleysteve

    burleysteve New commenter

    We have created spreadsheets for Reading, Writing and Maths which tracks progression of every NC objective from Y1 through to Y6. If a child is deemed 'working towards' with no chance of achieving 'expected standard' we track progress through the objectives. Initially, we assess the pupils on each objective to ascertain which year group they are working at. Each successful objective is highlighted. As the year group are taught an ARE objective, our WTS children are accessing the lower year group objective. As soon as the objective is achieved the pupil will progress to the next year group objective. Through this staged approach, children can sometimes make enough progress to access their own yr groups objectives. All objectives achieved are highlighted on the same grid in a different colour. The child will most probably always be working towards but if asked we point out that the yellow highlight is the baseline, the pink highlight is the progress in the 2nd half term, the blue highlight is the progress in the 3rd half term etc.

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