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Seminar 13th March 2011 - Planning to move into Headship or a Senior Leadership Team?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by TES_Careers, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. ...then you will need to know all about how the interview structure differs from your experience to date, the common pitfalls, how to make yourself stand out from the crowd and what to expect from the normal 2 day Leadership interview assessment procedure.
    This half day seminar available in London on Sunday 13th March, 2011, with presentations by TheoGriff and Duncan Verry(TES Prime), will include:
    1) How to get short listed
    2) What to expect at a Headteacher or Senior Leadership Team interview
    3) How to shine as the Headteacher or SLT interview
    Last year, 40% of Primary and Special School Headships and 28% of Secondary Headships were re-advertised because no suitable candidate applied. Or perhaps because suitable candidates did not present themselves as suitable. Attending our workshop won't guarantee you a job, but it will show you how to present your strengths and address the key points that Governors are looking for in a Head, Deputy or Assistant Head, so that you stand out from the competition.
    £75 including VAT and registration fee


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