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Selling things via TES Forums AKA Sock Puppets ...and not the kind you find in reception.

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by vonfluff, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Chaps,
    Is there some sock-puppetry here? It just seems a little
    fishy. I read a lot of the TES stuff but this is the first time that I
    have felt the need to comment on something.
    Make your own minds up!

    I was reading this thread (http://community.tes.co.uk/forums/p/487491/6838266.aspx#6838266) whenI thought I recognised a few of the"characters" from other discussions. I can't leave this stuff alone so I did some digging - it seems that RHJ147 and JDizzle pop up quite a lot together.

    <u>May 2011</u>
    RJH147 is telling us here that he's got a demo organised with the sales guys from Bluewave and is very excited!

    RHJ147 stated back in <u>19/08/2010</u> (http://community.tes.co.uk/forums/p/423286/5853107.aspx#5853107)

    "There is also Bluewave SWIFT, they not only do CPD, Professional
    standards, lesson observations as with Bluesky but also include
    SEF, School Development planning, Performance Management reviews and a
    number of other national reports.

    We use them in our school and
    actually looked at a few other system including Bluesky, School Centre
    and a few others before buying and found them to be the best value for
    money as they included these other areas at a very similar price. "

    <u>and a month later</u> (http://community.tes.co.uk/forums/p/383575/6764484.aspx#6764484)

    "On this subject I would like to recommend that our school uses a system
    for setting and managing budget with relation to the school's
    improvement plans and CPD through Bluewave Swift."

    and then ...in <u>April 2011</u> (20/4/11) - http://community.tes.co.uk/forums/p/483467/6691080.aspx#6691080

    "I heard about it from a colleague and looked into it. It looks like a
    cut down version of the system we already use to articulate our SIP,
    PMR and CPD. It does however have an attractive means of directly
    flagging up a an element of the SEF as a priority for the SIP. However
    simply knowing the school allows me to do that.

    We use www.BluewaveSwift.co.uk FYI[​IMG]"

    and the same day (http://community.tes.co.uk/forums/p/476546/6691111.aspx#6691111)

    "Can't help too much with the specific without experience of the
    school or department however if the structure or "wordiness" of the plan
    is causing problems you may want to suggest to the SLT or HT directly
    an coherent means of managing the SDP, CPD and PMR together via a online
    system that all staff and governors can access.

    We currently use it, its called www.bluewaveswift.co.uk award winning and used nationwide."

    You've got to admit - it does look pretty suspect. RJH147 it's very
    laudable to endorse a product and those kind of recommendations carry a
    lot of weight.

    If it's a sales pitch chaps - then that's fine - but lets be clear about it. I've heard good things about BlueWave but it does undermine this a little when you see things like this. I come to the TES forums for impartial advice and that doesn't appear to be what we're getting.
    Maybe they're not paid to do this ...and maybe RJH147 has got some form of amnesia but I doubt it.

  2. Maybe innocent. I keep recommending the same book because I find it helpful and can only cope with taking one intense ed book in at one time. I should perhaps seek commission. Maybe these guys are working on a tell a friend for an m&s voucher. Can't be much in it financially. Schools aren't notoriously good at corporate games! Well spotted though. Your post has made me want to look up the company- are you a share holder too then? Clever.
  3. *** ...missed a trick there!

    Erm ...I have got a few shares in Halifax ...maybe I should start something about them?

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