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Self selecting learning objective

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Gerbils150, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Gerbils150

    Gerbils150 New commenter

    I am a very new and green NQT starting my first post in a Yr 2 class in September. Class of 30 with two boys who have diagnosed autism. The school's policy is to provide the children with three differentiated LOs for the lesson and letting the children self select. This is very new to me as I've only ever planned one LO for the lesson with differentiated success criteria however, putting that to one side, and please excuse my ignorance, but will my ASD boys be comfortable choosing their own LO or will this throw them? Would they have a better learning experience if I give them a clear set of expectations for these boys in terms of LO and outcomes? Thank you!
  2. Jo3Grace

    Jo3Grace New commenter

    Choice will be a good thing. I do not know what range of the spectrum your boys are, but if for example you had someone with PDA, which is considered to be a part of the spectrum I believe, they could find being told what to do very stressful as it would be outside of their control, where as choice is fine as they have the control.

    You are spot on though when you identify that they will need clear expectations. You'll have to do this three times over! Don't worry though it does not need to be three totally different objectives, I've seen it done before on a traffic light system, the red objective being for people who are a bit worried about the topic, the orange for those who are ready to go, and the green ones for those who are ready to fly. You develop an understanding that it is okay to be any of the different options and that we are all different things in different subjects.

    Good luck with your new class.

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