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Self review framework

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by davidb12, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. davidb12

    davidb12 New commenter

    I have been working with a group of schools to develop an online self review framework.

    It uses a range of critieria, including Ofsted, and can provide your SEF and headteacher's report. It works for all phases of school.

    This is not intended as a commercial project. It is based on many years exprience inspecting schools and working in school improvement.

    I have around 100 schools trialling it this year and feedback has been very positive. Headteachers say it has saved them a lot of time and effort once they have started using it. I would like to get some more schools involved and additional feedback if possible.

    There are sections for middle leaders, all SLT can add to evaluations and governors can be given a read only log in (if required).

    You can register and use it for free at www.smartevaluation.co.uk
    A school email address is required.

    I can provide some support where needed, although it is very ease to use.

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