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Self Funding GTP 2010

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by andysedge, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. andysedge

    andysedge New commenter

    Hi, im very new to TES but also very glad i came across it. At the moment i am a university student studying Coach Education and Participation and for the past 3 years have given up my free time in between studies gaining experience at my old high school. At the end of the school year 08-09 the PE department asked me if i wanted to do a GTP with the school, after reading up about GTP it seemed like a brilliant choice over the PGCE with the income as well as being able to work in a school i am so familiar with. I am currently waiting to hear how my GTP application has gone (hopefully hear this week or next), however i am very aware that i places are extremely limited and it doesn't help that i am only just leaving university. Despite this the school believe i am a very competent teacher and have backed me with funding for the GTP along with memebers of staff from other departments asking me to fill in on school trips when additional staff are needed.
    So, being as nervous as i am about getting a GTP place for next year i have been looking into self funding. I am eager to do my GTP at this school next year as a member of the PE department is thinking about leaving in a year or two and is hoping for the oppurtunity to tutor me before moving so he can add it to his list of achievements. This also gives me a good opening for a job after my GTP as there may be a place available within the department.
    My question is, how do i go about sorting out a self-funded GTP? The school have agreed to fund me so does this mean i will have to self-fund the other half if i do not get the funding for local gtp providers?
    Please any help about this would be much appreciated
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Self funding does not mean that individuals contribute but that schools do not receive the TDA salary grant and fund the costs of employment and training themselves. The TDA fund a certain number of salary places per DRB's and their allocation is shown on the TDA website. The problem with PE is that it is not recognised as a shortage subject and these get priority.
    I strongly advise all GTP candidates to also apply fior PGCE just in case
  3. That's brilliant if the school are willing to fund you if you don't get a funded place. My school are funding me because I started at the school in January so it was too late to apply for the funded places. Basically the school are paying me an unqualified teachers wage and they are paying for the training provided by the GTP organisation. So like you I'm pretty lucky. GTP places are hard to come by so if you've got a schoolthat are willing to support you go for it. Where abouts are you based?

    My GTP is in dance so not a priority subject either, but the school obviously believe you can do it. Like me you'll have the advantage of knowing the children before you start, that's one less thing to worry about
  4. andysedge

    andysedge New commenter

    well i got the dreeded letter this morning and as i predicted it was unsuccessful. i realise that PE is not a priority subject and my age does count against me but the school are really supporting and choose me to do a GTP over another person so must rate my teaching (and interviewing technique) highly.
    The school is based in Stoke, Painsley Catholic College. Its a good school, enjoyed going there as student and enjoying it even more so now im teaching PE there. Just hope i can get on and do my GTP this year as like i said there is a potential PE opening if this other male member of staff chooses to leave after tutoring me.
    Im going start my phone calls now to try and see if its possible.wish me luck
  5. andysedge

    andysedge New commenter

    well i've started my phone calls, stoke on trent gtp don't do self funding if the course is full to capacity which it is expected but i have tried neighbouring gtp such as derby, worcester and wolverhampton, of which only wolverhampton have agreed to send me an application form but they did say that they usually do not go that far out.
    Can anybody suggest any other providers or other means that i can do a self funding GTP, really frustrating that my school want me to do my gtp there and carry on teaching with them but there seems to be little hope for such a big oppurtunity. grrr
  6. Andy, you need to check whether you're actually allowed to complete the GTP at your old school - did I read that it's the school you attended? The provider that I have a place with (and I'm aware other providers make this stipulation) won't allow GTPers to be placed at either a school they attended, or a school where a relative is a teacher. It sounds as though the school is very positive and supportive - I wish you all the very best. I have a place at Worcester starting in September.
  7. That's a good point, check that out. Mine is with E-qualitas but I think they are based in the south which is not much use to you.

    Good luck, keep us informed
  8. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Don't forget to explore the PGCE route. The majority of teachers still train via this and GTP only accounts for around 10% of initial teacher training despite the TDA and political hype
  9. andysedge

    andysedge New commenter

    well i havent got the self funding, the school have decided they wont fund me now and so wont be doing a GTP this year, and i believe all PGCE places will be full now so looks like a year out is due for me. Any ideas what i can do to keep myself in school and earning before getting qualified, at moment im looking at working away from teaching 3/4 days a week and continuing volunteering the other days and apply for GTP and PGCE again the following year
  10. I applied for primary Gtp last year,got an interview but not a place.This year ive sent off my application and got an email from the patnership asking if i have any indication as to whether my potential employing school can self-fund me. Now my question is, is it possible that whatever funding my school can afford fo my training/salary, that i can chip in the difference or does that defeat the whole purpose of Gtp as employment-based as it means me paying money towards my own salary/training- thats not to say i can afford that, but what if i could somehow, would that b acceptable? I'd like to hear from some1 who may have equired about this before or even paying for themseves.Thanks.x

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