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Self employment as instrument tutor etc

Discussion in 'Music' started by mumbles81, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I would like to take a step into being my own boss having been a music teacher and HoD for 6 years, and was wondering if anyone had any experience or advice to offer on the following:

    How would I market myself to schools (probably mainly primaries) as a freelance peri/extracurricular group provider/consultant for music lessons?

    I have a business idea but would welcome thoughts and advice on the above from those in my field!

    Thank you!
  2. Firebird123

    Firebird123 New commenter

    I taught piano privately for 5 years and did some peri work for approx 1 year before training to do my PGCE. For peri work, I basically contacted the local music services by writing a letter and sending in my CV. I did find that peri work was quite slow to trickle in but it certainly helped having my DipABRSM.
    You could also contact the primaries directly, either by letter/CV, and/or perhaps arrange a meeting with them to pitch your idea?
    Good luck!
    Firebird [​IMG]

  3. Thanks!
    Any tips for accounts/taxes etc?
  4. Yes, unfortunately this is the case. I earnt my living, before I went into the classroom, as a freelance musician and teacher. I was lucky that I was getting a fair few quid in from the concerts/gigs and I had about 40-45 students at the peak of my instrumental teaching stint. I did pick up some extra money by teaching on the Award schemes (G & T) that our local music service ran (I did Composition and Instrumental tuition).
    Another thing's just sprung to mind... a group of musician friends and I used to go around Primary and Secondary schools and do workshops that tied in with their KS levels; the sessions were planned with the teachers. That was quite a nice little source of income too.
    Teaching ABRSM Theory can be another source. I used to do a Saturday Grade 5 Thoery club and it was lovely to teach.
    I'm sure I did other things too but I've gone blank for now - if I remember I'll pop back and add to the list.


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