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Sefton supply service

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by lucylollipop, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. lucylollipop

    lucylollipop Occasional commenter

    Are you registered with Sefton? How much work have you had?
  2. I have their pack, to register with them, but need to find the £58 for the CRB. Am working as supply with agency at the moment but realise that Sefton pay more. It would be nice to think I would get 5 days a week out of them ( and am actually working at a sefton school now, through an agency) but from what I have heard it's often just day to day.
  3. Hi lucylollipop!
    Haven't had ANY work since schools returned in September!
    Signed up with Sefton in May of last year & to begin with I was run off my feet with work. Didn't phone in at all as they were constantly calling me to ask me to work! Also schools would ask me to return next day/week for more cover. Also got tex along the lines of "Can anyone do a Y4 class tomorrow? If so ring in!"
    It slowed up some from Sept 2010, but was still getting 8 days or so a month which is all I want. Jan on was even less work & once April & new budgets came it really faded away & since Sept it has dried up altogether.
    I find it hard to believe NO schools EVER need cover, but that would seem to be the case as despite phoning in 3/4 days a week & giving my availability every Friday nothing comes back.
    I can only think if this continues Sefton will disband their team of co-ordinators as there will be nothing for them to do!
    Let me know how you get on & sorry to be so negative, but that's how it is!!!
  4. I'm in the Primary sector. I'm resigned to forgetting about supply for Sefton altogether as so many seem to have had the same experience.
    I don't think other agencies would be a viable option either as the work seems to be drying up everywhere. Think your only chance is if you have been doing supply for many years & have a few schools who call you & only you when they need someone!
  5. I got 2 and a half days in September, Half a day in October for heaven's sake! and so far in November have had 2 full and 2 half days....woohoo, things are looking up! Only two days were from Sefton, the rest direct from schools. This is the worst I have known it in nearly 4 years. I am actively looking for other types of work but it ain't easy. I too wonder how long Sefton will keep the service going. They must be twiddling thier thumbs all day, or else someone else who isn't me is getting all the work. Now I am getting paranoid!

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