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Seemis reports?

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by seonaidhadams, May 2, 2012.

  1. I noticed on past forums that Seemis has caused teachers some bother in the past. My local authority has recently adopted it and it was 'rolled out' to us with a day before the Spring holidays meaning that we had just 6 weeks to compile reports before they are due in. That was a mess though and due to more twilights being necessary and some 'teething problems' with Seemis, most teachers only started on their reports this week - giving them under a month to finish them.
    Personally, I hate it. It's slow and clunky and I don't know why my LA only introduced it at the last minute.
    Any other whinges about it? Anything good about it?!
  2. No whinges? Or nothing good?
    I noticed Seemis has been 'down' all weekend. I wonder what would happen if our lessons were as unreliable and haphazard?
  3. Our school was volunteered to pilot the semmis reports...and I was the only teacher who used it! I found it ok to use, my problems were when it came to printing. Main issue was words being cut off as it randomly left large spaces at the end of lines. Our poor administrator has spent most of the week on the phone to the seemis team trying to sort it out! Finally got it all sorted at 2.10pm today...50 minutes before the reports were due to go out to pupils! Dread to think the chaos there would have been if all 16 members of staff had used it! Apart from that...no problems!

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