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Seeking Work in St Albans

Discussion in 'English' started by charlene_bell, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Hi, I live in St Albans and to be honest you will be very lucky to find a job in St Albans. Posts hardly ever come up and when they do they are tonnes of applicants,due to the fact that the schools are so good.
    I currently teach in Bedforshire and commute out of St Albans every day. You will be much better off trying to find a school outside of St Albans. Harpenden, Luton, Dunstable and most of Herts county are in reasonable commuting distance. Both schools I have worked in during my career have required about a 45 min commute, just depends how far your willing to commute.
    I do know that Hertswood School in Boremwood and Birchwood High School in Bishop Stortford are both currently looking for English teachers but you would need to commute.
    Hope this helps
  2. Thank you so much - this is really, really helpful. I appreciate your advice and will look into those jobs / areas. x
  3. Great - thank you [​IMG] Have just seen your email - I'll update my cv and email it to you asap!

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