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Seeking suggestion for research on Creative writing

Discussion in 'English' started by RaymondSoltysek, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. RaymondSoltysek

    RaymondSoltysek New commenter

    I think a genre approach is probably most common, Ritesh. I'm a writer who is also a teacher - if you'd like to share ideas, you can contact me through http://www.soltysek.com/ .
  2. thank you Sir for your valuable suggestions.

  3. Clarerees

    Clarerees New commenter

    Although the skills-based methods are also really, really popular. The new GCSE Specifications assess children according to both genre and skills: http://web.aqa.org.uk/subjects/english.php (look at the 'specifications' for English Language).
    Although Raymond is an expert in teaching creative writing (the kind of person you'd want to teach your own child!), the reality is that most teachers would look at the assessment criteria in the specifications of their exam board (of which the above link in the most popular) and work backwards i.e. see what elements students would need to include in their stories in order for them to achieve top grades and then teach to this. The result is that you're generally teaching skills- sometimes in quite a formulaic way.
    The same is generally true lower down the school too, as children are graded according to AFs: http://nationalstrategies.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/node/18050?uc=force_uj
    If you want to see an example of a series of lesson plans for GCSE, please do message me with your email address.


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