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Seeking some advice

Discussion in 'Personal' started by chicomendez1, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been reading the forums on TES for a while though haven't posted anything before but I'm after some clarification on something now please. I'll say now this isn't a trolling post and I'm not stupid enough to put myself in a compromising position I'm just after some clarification.

    I'm a young teacher (26) in my first year and I recently met a rather nice young lady at a local climbing wall. Turns out she is 20 and at uni. I'm obviously a few years older but not masses. She asked me if I'd go out for a drink with her one night and gave me her number. Now I've never met her before and never had anything to do with her in a classroom environment.

    So I was curious as to how the rather muddy laws surrounding relationships fit with secondary teachers and students in uni? There's obviously no previous DoC or responsibility in this and I was wondering if there's anything I may have overlooked before I take this any further as last thing I want is to put myself somewhere I don't want to be!

  2. Mrs_Frog

    Mrs_Frog New commenter

    My ex from many years ago was a teacher while I was an undergraduate. Mind you we had originally met when he was doing his PGCE. We got together when he was in his 3rd year of teaching and I was in my final year of uni.
    Why are you worried? She is well out of compulsory education, and as you say, you have never met her before? Two people meet socially, go for a drink......
    B x
  3. Go for it, mate. There's nothing to fear

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