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Seeking Bermuda Teaching Post

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by CharlotteMcGahon, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. CharlotteMcGahon

    CharlotteMcGahon New commenter

    I am currently working as a SENCO (or Learning Enrichment co-ordinator I believe it is called in Bermuda) and am part of the senior leadership team at a primary school in London. I have taught Key Stage 1, 2 and special needs and have a wide range of experience working in London primary schools.
    I am moving to Bermuda in February 2017 as my husband is being relocated there and I am keen to find a job. I have tried emailing my CV to almost every school on the island and also check the Royal Gazette regularly however have had no luck yet. Does anyone have any top tips for Bermuda teaching? Or does anyone know of a school who may need a teacher next calendar year?
  2. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    They will start to advertise around Dec/Jan time and at this point its too early in the day to see what might be available. I wish you well, its a beautiful island and the onions tend to be nice folks. You could register with schools for supply work as you will be on your husbands visa. Ensure you get a right to seek and reside permit. - I think this part is correct, otherwise just check the immigration site.
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  3. cadenza_13

    cadenza_13 New commenter

    Bermuda is so freaking pretty... It's an unbelievable place. Do brush up on your Bermuda etequette!!
    I taught in the girls school in Hamilton for a year.
    The biggest issue you might have is the immigration law requires employers to hire Bermudians first, followed by residents, before they look to advertising for overseas workers. As you would still require a visa to work you would come into that category - even though you are there on the island.
    You're in for an incredible experience in Bermuda!
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  4. CharlotteMcGahon

    CharlotteMcGahon New commenter

    Thank you so much for your top tips. Must say I genuinely cannot wait to escape to Bermuda and just hope the experience is topped off with getting a job as that would be a real bonus!
    If you hear of any vacancies please let me know!
  5. Wellmoss

    Wellmoss New commenter

    Good you're checking the Royal Gazette. It's the best source as schools have to advertise on it before posting overseas.
    [This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
    Teacher intentions have to be in soon, so December is an excellent time to be looking. Best wishes. Bermuda is an excellent place to live and work. Your experience in SEN is the biggest bonus, and you'll be snapped up quickly.
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  6. Wellmoss

    Wellmoss New commenter

    OP, check out today's Royal Gazette post about en eponymous girls school on the island. Also a school bearing the title of Richard Neville is constantly hiring substitute teachers. To my knowledge, the substitutes are essentially regulars and are in school everyday.

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