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Seeking advice for moving on into Pastoral Support...

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by katt_draper, May 17, 2019.

  1. katt_draper

    katt_draper New commenter

    I started my career in Higher Education, teaching CV writing workshops, coaching for graduate interviews and teaching on the University's Employability Scheme. I did this for a couple of years after finishing my masters.

    I then worked as a TA and Exams Invigilator in a secondary school for a year. I was offered both Teach First and School's Direct, however was still unsure whether teaching was the right thing for me.

    I decided to go for a year working as a Cover Supervisor in preparation for my teacher training. Well, what an eye opening year this has been! I pulled out of my deferred School's Direct placement after realising I didn't want to do this all of the time! I am capable of doing the teaching, but unwilling to resign myself to the abuse from students and staff alike. I don't want to become as jaded and broken as I see my colleagues and friends becoming. I don't want to be a part of a system that I see letting people down and killing teachers' passions to make change and a difference.

    I have however, had some brilliant support and experiences working with some of our Head's of Years, who have encouraged me to make a career in Pastoral Support. I have completed three Level 2 CACHE courses since Christmas, which have helped me with safeguarding, prevent, behaviour that challenges and young people's mental health on my CV. I am applying for roles such as 'Pastoral Support Worker', 'Academic Mentor' and 'Pastoral Assistant'. I have also been applying for roles in isolation rooms, as I spend all of my free periods in my current role in our exclusion and isolation bases. I seem to be able to make a real difference in this area, and these are the days that I go home with a warm glow and the feeling that I've done some good work. (Covering lessons tends to leave me with the exact opposite feeling and often crying in the car on the way home!!!!:(:mad::oops:)

    My main question really, for anyone who has made it through my rambling enough to this point (thank you if you have!), is do you think I have a chance with these roles?

    What can I be putting on my applications that will make me stand out?

    What kind of experiences should I be getting under my belt to help me succeed in this area?

    Can anyone offer me any advice on how to go on to eventually become a non-teaching head of year? (or is that a silly aspiration?)

    Thank you all for your time and thoughts! :)
  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I feel strongly that all Heads of Year should have a classroom commitment . Does not matter that the responsibility is of a pastoral / nurturing nature. They should have a handle on how children learn and to this extent model the practice they preach.

    It would be unthinkable to have a Head of Department manage staff and students without having street cred where it matters ie in lessons ?

    (I was promoted to a pastoral position based I suspect on the strength of my relationships with students..... and then I later became a Head of Faculty..)

    Sorry in this instance cannot be much help perhaps other colleagues can be more positive /encouraging?

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