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Secured first teaching post! What now? :-)

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by hats_hats, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. I've secured a teaching post for September too as a reception teacher. I can't wait to meet my class, so far a transition day hasn't been arranged. I too am feeling like a small fish in a really big pond. I don't really know what to prepare but I have been looking at Sparkle Box and other similar things for inspiration. I keep seeing things too which I think 'that would look great in my classroom' (I haven't even seen my classroom yet!).
    For getting to know the children I was thinking of making 3d protraits using paper plates and wool and stuff. And taking a picture of each child to help them identify their peg or area of the cloakroom. As they're reception I would set up a large variety of activities and let the children choose what thakes their fancy! Good luck :).
    H x
  2. What a great opportunity to have a blank canvas! Im moving schools and going from nursery to reception this year.
    Im going to make sure ive got some continuous provision in my room and things which I will use every day.
    • Writing table (the kids at my current school love this and use it a lot)
    • Role play
    • Maths Wall (Basicly an interactive display which you use with the whole class, 10 min every day, to re-visit things they have learnt and give them a chance to use their skills, so it will have a number line, shapes, days of the week etc)
    • Birthday display
    • book corner
    • malleable play area

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