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Secondary teacher wants to become KS2 Primary teacher

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by freshies, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I am a qualified secondary school teacher with two years teaching experience who is seriously considering primary teaching as an option. My concerns are primarily that I am unable to obtain a post with a secondary pgce not a primary pgce??? I have done some research but they say experience is necessary only but I am uncertain how to obtain this whilst still in my current post.
    My other concern is my level of Welsh, I am based in North Wales and have a good verbal understanding of the language but written/spoken is not so great and am wondering how this would affect possible job opportunities etc? I am attending a course to improve this but I dont think I will be fully conversant for a while unfortunately!
    I would really appreciate some advice or information on how to go about converting as I am exceptionally keen to do so but obviously want to know if it's possible first of all!
  2. I don't have all the answers I'm afraid, but a PGCE/QTS qualifies you to teach at any level. I recently looked at making the switch but I only work part-time and applied for a PPA post (which I didn't get). I know I could do the job but would take time to adjust and get my head around the curriculum which is so much wider at primary. The thing is that there are so many great primary school teachers around that it makes it difficult to transfer I think.
    Your specialism may be the key to it all. If you can offer something that a primary needs then you may be better placed for a move.
    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your reply. I think my humanities specialism is less sought after than science for example. Its the need for experience that will let me down due to my being in employment currenly and needing to be but also needing experience in primary also.........
  4. Hiya mate- I can fully understand what your saying. Firstly i think you should ask yourself why you are thinking of making the move in the first place? If its because you hate your current school/ department, just get yourself a new job its as simple as that. You spend five days a week working and will do for the rest of your working career. You might aswel spend the time in a place where you enjoy working. OR if your just fancy the change, try putting a couple of transition projects in place that will enable you to visit you feeder primarys and get a feel for primary. You might think that all this sounds compleatly nuts but this is what you need to do. I spent 5 fantastic years in comprehensive teaching ict and design technology and in my sixth year i just had enough and wanted a change before i signed my life away. So thats exactly what i did--- i took the plunge. I handed my notice in at the end of the summer term and did the donkey work of going around all my local primarys with my cv, arranging meetings with head teachers just to try and tell them what i had to offer the school if they needed it. September came and i had four days in the whole month:-( not good. But the way i looked at it was that it was primary experience. Its now april and since january i have only missed one day of work and im in a contract until the end of the summer term. Ive got a morgage and all the other things in life that people worry about-but hay if you dont take chances, you never wanted to do it in the first place. Good luck my friend[​IMG]

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