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Secondary teacher wanting to move into Primary

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sparky1985, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Did it. Love it. Best decision ever!
    However, be very aware it is not easier - in fact it's harder. You will work harder than you even imagine the first few years as you will be expected to hit the ground running- you are not an NQT anymore and if you successfully get a post you will got into that school as an experienced teacher and have PPA but no extra time. You will be expected to study up on knowledge/strategies/schemes etc in your own time. You must be very proactive, willing to seek out help, willing to devote a lot of your own time on top of how much teachers already work and be prepared to be moved anywhere across primary.

    I wouldnt change it for the world though-I went in with my eyes open and even through my exhaustion loved it from day 1. If you know its for you and you want to do it 100% go for it.
  2. I am still an NQT - I've only done a term and a half of my NQT year (I was off sick for half a term), so I need to find out how that will affect my NQT year in primary. However, I do realise that it won't be easy, never fear :) I'm hoping to spend my time when I'm not doing supply working out strategies etc. - I know a lot of people who work in primary, who have offered to help me out with strategies and schemes etc., which will hopefully fill some of those gaps.

    I'm glad you did it and loved it! :) That gives me hope.
  3. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    If you work in an area where there aren't many teachers for the jobs going then it's definitely worth going for it. However, most areas have too many trained primary teachers going for jobs and you would be up against them when applying. You would have to be able to prove in your application and at interview that you understand all the things a primary trained NQT would know, as well as convincing a school about the reasons you are moving from secondary to primary half-way through your NQT year.
  4. NQT2004

    NQT2004 New commenter

    You really need to be able to explain fully why you haven't completed your NQT in a secondary school when you trained to do that. If you can do this then I would be interested in looking at your application but if your application landed on my desk with out a clear explanation then I am not sure you would get a look in against Primary trained NQTs.
  5. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    I've made the move and have nearly completed my first year on a 60% contract. Have loved it. It is very hard work as the teaching methods are pretty different. But as a newbe you will have less experience to ignore!
    If you like variety you will love it.
    With English and Drama as main subjects you will be up against a lot of competition as most primaries have loads of English "specialists"
    Will you be able to teach Maths confidently and all the other subjects such as the soon to be compulsory MFL?
    As an example, a pretty standard local primary (inner city) had 60 applicants for one post, are you going to stand out from that sort of field?
    Supply was my way in, then into a maternity post.
  6. I completed my PGCE in Secondary Drama last year but have made the move to Primary this year and absolutely love it. I spent the start of this year doing some supply work, but any days that I didn't have supply I went into a local school to help out, teach lessons, do group work etc. I ended up spending all of my time at this school, doing all their supply, intervention, some after school clubs etc and felt that this really helped me to get a lot of experience in hands on Primary teaching.
    I did struggle when applying for jobs - I felt as though there were so many applications per job that I would be out of the question straight away due to not being Primary trained. To improve my CV I started doing some more voluntary work in another local school and ended up getting a job there, first part time from Easter and then full time with my own class from September.
    One of the factors about my Secondary training that the school said was a plus point for them was my training in Drama, so this could work well for you too?
    It's definitely a good idea to get as much Primary experience as you can, firstly for your own teaching benefit but also to get your name around different schools which will help when applying for jobs. I did enjoy Secondary but I feel much more content in Primary, especially with having one class and teaching a variety of subjects rather than just your specialism. It's definitely a lot of work, and I'm sure there's even more to come, but I'm so glad I made the move!

    Good luck and hope it all goes well.

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