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Secondary teacher looking to change to primary - advice please?!?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by andyinliverpool, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. andyinliverpool

    andyinliverpool New commenter


    I am currently a secondary teacher on supply after being made redundant a couple of years ago. I would love the opportunity to teach in a primary setting. Any advice would be most appreciated.


  2. Crommo89

    Crommo89 New commenter

    Be aware that it is a very different culture. I’ve worked full time in both sectors as well as a lot of supply. The maturity levels are vastly different. Think how relatively immature Y7s are yet two months earlier, they would have been the more grown up ones at Primary - I’m also convinced that Y6s shrink over the summer.
    Staff attitudes also tend to be different, not wrong just different. To call it being “warm and fuzzy” is a little unfair but it might give you an idea.
    Each sector has it’s rewards and frustrations but each can be hugely rewarding. Quite how you adapt depends on you because, sorry about this, there’s no one sure way to success, although you probably know that. Good luck whichever you choose
  3. preggersnqt

    preggersnqt New commenter

    Try and get an HLTA role in a primary school. You'll cover teachers and get a good idea of the ethos and expectations. Primary is very different, lots of talking like a Cbeebies presenter, crouching, crying and telling on each other. There is also lots of hugs, enthusiasm and fun. Roles are competitive so for a school to take a gamble on you would be unusual. Get experience!

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