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Secondary Science displays for boys

Discussion in 'Science' started by schonbeanie, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. schonbeanie

    schonbeanie New commenter

    I'm starting a post in the next week at an all boys school and I am lucky enough to be getting my own classroom. I really want to put some displays that are interactive and interesting around and wondered if anyone had any bright ideas? I will be putting the kids' work up there too, but I also want some interesting stuff.
    Not sure what teenage boys are interested in apart from cars, planes and stuff that blows up (!)
    Any help much appreciated.
  2. I have just updated my room (I teach chemistry) with a Chemistry of the Summer Holidays linking chemistry to sand, sea water, ice-cream, shells, sun cream and displaying material from Saletrs Chemistry Camps which we (I and several students) attended....
    I also have a dsiplay about careers in chemistry - Which door will chemistry open for you - using material from FutureMorph, Whynotchemeng and the RSC.
    The RSC have a good range of eye-catching posters - contact their eductaion dept and they will send you a set.
    Or why not take a theme - The Science of Football (start of the new season) - you could display some posters with arrows to highlight the science ....
    Main thing in my experience is to keep the displays tidy and update them including student work
    Photos of pupils engaged in their work is always a good one....
    Whynot set some homeworks to produce display material - Lab safety rules for Y7, Science quotes for another year etc...
    Hope this helps

  3. Boys comp, grammar or independent?

  4. schonbeanie

    schonbeanie New commenter

    Its a comp but has a grammar feel.
    This is great - I like your ideas from RSC - I shall contact them now - thanks!
  5. Presumably you are also trying the Institute of Physics - lots of posters/leaflets.
    Other organisations are worth a look at - Engineering Institutions for example.
  6. silver2

    silver2 New commenter

    My teenage boys are fascinated with BBC Focus, you could try using these as a basis for a display. They often have features of 50 things about ...... and always have number related statistics.
  7. schonbeanie

    schonbeanie New commenter

    This is great - thanks. I shall be redecorating my board this weekend.

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