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Secondary Science (Chemistry) PGCE - interview at UEL

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kritur, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Year 7 chemistry topics in the QCA scheme are
    • Simple chemical reactions
    • Acids and alkalis
    • Solids, liquids and gases
    • Solutions
    Try BBC bitesize for ideas of what is covered.
  2. Hi

    Thanks for your response... I have had looked at the bitesize website (and others) and am in the process of deciding which topic I will create a lesson plan for. I want to make it as interesting and engaging as possible so was wondering if anyone had idea's on what topic can be delivered in the most interesting way...

    As well as this if you could provide clarification regarding my point about the National Cirriculum - I came across a sample question that asked how our degree is related to the National Curriculum.

    I have Biology and Chemistry A Levels but my degree is in Law (although I have been working as a TA since March 2011 and many of my lessons are science) but i'm not sure how I would answer that question...
  3. All the year 7 chemistry topics are nice topics. Plenty of scope for practical work. I have no idea how you would answer a question regarding how your degree is related to the national curriculum because it isn't! Are you doing subject knowledge enhancement? I'm a Head of Chemistry and not sure I'd be too confident taking on someone without a science degree to teach chemistry although I suppose if you got into law you maybe have good A-level grades?
  4. I am going to be doing the SKE - I only really want to teach 11-16 and not any sciences at A-level. Well I got a B for Biology and C for Chem A level - not A's though. I am in a lot of science lessons at the moment as a TA so most of KS3 and KS4 is fresh in my mind and I am more than willing to refresh my memory on other topics. I hope that this will be enough to show that my subject knowledge will be up to date by the time i'm qualified. I feel confident that I would be able to teach science at GCSE level even though I don't have a degree in science.

    The SKE is for those who want to pursue a career in teaching science but who don't have a science degree - i'm assuming people are taking this route and getting hired as science teachers as there is a shortage.

    Thanks for the advice.

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