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Secondary Science Basic Daily Admin

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by preggersnqt, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. preggersnqt

    preggersnqt New commenter

    Hello, I am returning to teaching after a long hiatus and am starting to worry about being organised.
    I have Aspergers and I get overwhelmed by indeterminate obligations.
    If I know what I have to do, I do it.
    Point is, I'm trying to remember what I have to note down on a daily basis, what information should I be writing down, what are the basic class rules and routines I should be focusing on, what should I do to stay organised?
    There seems to be a tonne of information for primary teachers to help them get organised, but little for secondary.
    If anyone could help me out, that would be great..
  2. bobtes

    bobtes Occasional commenter

    obvious (apologies if they are too obvious...) things come to mind like:
    will you have your own classroom for all your lessons?
    what are the timings of school day?
    is there a morning meeting? if there is take a diary with you to write down urgent messages
    are you a form tutor?
    what day is assembly?
    do you have a break duty?
    where do your dept spend break time (eg main staffroom or dept base)?
    where can you store your belongings/cup/tea/biscuits?

    then class/pupil based ones like:
    what is the behaviour policy in terms of warnings, sending out etc
    if a kid is throwing a wobbly, who do you send for?

    ones for your planning like:
    have a lesson planner
    have a to-do list
    will you have a computer to work at when free (especially relevant if your classroom is not free - where can you work - dept base?)
    what is policy on homework? once a week? how many days to do it? then make a timetable of when you set/collect/mark

    I'm not Science, but I guess there may be dept. specific ones like:
    is there a technician?
    do you set up your own expts or does technician do it for you?
    what is the "order time" for kit for expts?
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  3. preggersnqt

    preggersnqt New commenter

    Thank you. Obvious is good! I will get answers to all of the questions and that will be a good start.
  4. bobtes

    bobtes Occasional commenter

    are you starting a new job after Easter? or have you already started?
  5. preggersnqt

    preggersnqt New commenter

    Starting new one after Easter, so want to start with a plan to be organised
  6. bobtes

    bobtes Occasional commenter

    are you able to go in and speak to HoD etc beforehand and to familiarise yourself with the layout of the dept., school etc. ?
    Can't believe I forgot a really important one:
    Where are the toilets?
  7. preggersnqt

    preggersnqt New commenter

    Have been round the school on a tour, so good for layout, it's the normal daily admin stuff I get disorganised and stressed over. I feel like I need to shadow a super organised teacher.
  8. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I am not super organised. Ask Mrs P!
    I found an a4 table with a basic run down to be useful for seeming on top of things,
    Monday 1 10C ionic bonding -no practical, print worksheet
    Monday 2 8D Hooke's law. Order practical and graph paper. Remind hod, he's got Billy Wriggle. Edit ppt.
    Monday 3 11b. Print exam questions on kinetics. Check card sorts.

    I would write these midweek, usually coinciding with the need for a prep sheet.

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