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Secondary School teachers for short dissertation survey

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by danielpeteraird, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. My name is Daniel Aird, and I am a final year student at York St John University. As part of my final year I am currently writing my dissertation. The dissertation is looking into the ways that technology impacts on teaching in secondary schools. I am aiming to find out how technology influences the way teaching occurs, whilst also exploring secondary school teachers attitudes towards this. Therefore, as well as looking at some of the academic theory surrounding this topic, I also require evidence from the field of teaching itself.

    As part of my dissertation I have created a short questionnaire that will allow me to collect some data on the subject. The questionnaire has been designed for secondary schools teachers, across all of the subjects taught, and would take around 10 minutes to fill in. Therefore, I would like to ask if it would be possible for some teachers to fill in my questionnaire. The information given will be strictly confidential, and anonymous. No personal details such as name or address will be taken and all data will be destroyed after a period of time.

    I have really struggled to get many teachers to fillm in my survey and it is having a serious impact on my dissertation. I myself have been accepted onto a PGCE course for Secondary ICT at Sheffield Hallam University. I am keen to become a teacher myself and hope it would be possible for a few teachers i aspire to be like, to give a small portion of their time to help an enthusiastic student out.

    If you are interested in helping me out please send an e-mail to the following hotmail address, which will allow me to send you the short survery which can be filled in on your computer and sent back

    email address : danielpeteraird@hotmail.co.uk

    Kind Regards and best wishes

    Dan Aird
  2. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    I trained there when it was just 'St John's'!

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