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Secondary reopening plans for September?

Discussion in 'News' started by littledragon25, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. littledragon25

    littledragon25 New commenter

    Hi all. I've been discussing our reopening plans with a colleague and we were curious what other schools were doing. Without giving too much revealing information away, could you share what your school's plans are for September?

    We have:
    - Year group bubbles each separated into different 'zones' of the school. All of that year group's classes will be taught in that zone, with minimal pupil movement (only those who need to change rooms because they are in a different class for different subjects, or movement to a specialist room such as a lab).
    - Staff will move between bubbles in order to teach their timetables. All of us will no longer have our own classrooms, as we all teach across the school.
    - No sharing of resources between year group bubbles. All books etc. to remain in the bubble.
    - Staggered break and lunch times with separate break and canteen areas for year groups. Canteens will be used by 2 years but will be thoroughly cleaned between them (there is time allocated between the staggering).
    - Hand sanitiser in each room for pupils and staff also given sanitiser to carry with them.
    - Closure of shared spaces such as school library for now whilst bubbles have to exist.
    - Staggered end to the day to allow year groups to move off site without mixing. Year groups also have different site and building entry and exit points so they avoid contact.

    Not looking for any criticism or praise of our school's plans (they're not within my control anyway so it wouldn't make any difference). We are simply curious what other schools are doing, as I am sure everyone has interpreted the guidance differently and has different circumstances at school affecting what is in place.
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  2. Corvuscorax20

    Corvuscorax20 Senior commenter

    very similar to you. but use of labs and any practical lesson is banned. No use of text books. I have to photograph the text book page and upload it, then students down load it on their phones.

    You have not mentioned marking. We have an isolation room, where we will leave boxes of work for 3 days before marking it, then leave it another 3 days before carrying it back in a box and emptying it out on a table in the classroom without touching it.

    Teachers will wear gloves and visors, and change their glove every lesson
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  3. littledragon25

    littledragon25 New commenter

    As of right now, it hasn't been clarified to staff what expectations and routines around marking will be. I guess that will be one for the TED day...
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  4. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    If there's 2 years in the canteen, presumably queuing for food, using the same bins and walking past each other, how is that fitting in with the idea of bubbles?
    And what if pupils are late? Usually you'll have a few from each year group waiting at the office, but you can't now...
    What about detentions?
    I don't really like the idea of pupils on screen all the time, especially on their phones, for obvious reasons.
    What about school buses?
    What provisions are there for teachers being off/if the school has to close due to a massive amount of sickness/death?
    Not trying to be negative, these are just points I would want to ask about as a teacher or parent.
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  5. Corvuscorax20

    Corvuscorax20 Senior commenter

    I know, its weird. We have gone form phone being banned to phones being virtually compulsory.

    I'm apprehensive, particularly as I am unable to walk around the classroom and see exactly what children are doing.

    I suppose it is the lesser evil for the time being
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  6. install

    install Star commenter

    The problems for some secondary school teachers will be the moving from bubble to bubble, classroom to classroom. Most likely it will make lesson preparation in each room almost impossible and it will mean no one takes ownership of a room leading to graffiti, broken furniture and things going for a walk.

    Each teacher will have to arrive and leave with their own equipment and resources. It’s going to be a bit like being a Supply with no permanent teaching room.

    The corridors, playgrounds and canteens will also be a nightmare scenario. In a world of masks, social distancing between adults and children in a bubble, and potential fights, arguments and overcrowded queues to break up it will be hellish in some places.

    None contact time will be a concern if there are no rooms or no usual base to go to. And the only place for a real dinner break may be in isolation for some teachers or maybe in a cafe outside of school pre-booked.

    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    It would not be sensible to operate a normal canteen service if you want to avoid the logistical nightmares....
    It's been suggested that pre-ordered sandwiches/lunch bags are delivered to each bubble. Parents will need to pack lunches for their children. Or (gasp) kids may be encouraged to do the lunch thing themselves.
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  8. littledragon25

    littledragon25 New commenter

    By the cabteen being used by 2 years I meant that, for example, year 7 will use it during their lunch break, which is at a different time to year 9's lunch. It will be cleaned and then year 9 will use it.

    We are fortunate in that we have 2 canteens and a serving hatch in the y11 common room. Each canteen will be used by 2 year groups (at different times and cleaned in between) and y11 will use the common room.

    Detentions are run by HOY and will continue to be done so within their bubbles. This is actually an easy fix as it only involves moving the room used but no change to our system.

    As for your other concerns, we have raised them too. Particularly the lack of work space and break space for staff on non-contact. And logistics around marking. If I want to mark my y7 books in my non contact but I cant remove them from their bubble, and there is no work space within their bubble, I'm not sure how it will work.

    All plans will have issues though. This is why we are curious to see what others are doing.
  9. botanybod

    botanybod New commenter

    As far as I understand it, marking of books is to be scrapped. I suspect this is something that there are ways around, but I get the impression that this is something the T&L lead would like to trial anyway, and this is a good excuse. The performance of book marking is time consuming for teachers, and it's of questionable educational benefit. Homework will be marked, as that will, in most cases, but completed and uploaded online. A lot of work in lessons will then be done on mini whiteboards, so teachers can check answers from a distance. I'm feeling quite positive able that tbh, and I'm hoping it will massive reduce our reliance on paper. We waste an awful lot of paper!
  10. Corvuscorax20

    Corvuscorax20 Senior commenter

    We are getting our dinners delivered to our desks in classrooms, while children go outside for lunch.

    Don't know what will happen in rain/snow
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  11. install

    install Star commenter

    That’s a good idea. I still think I’d like to get out now and again even if its the cafe round the corner. A bit of down time away from work.
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  12. jarndyce

    jarndyce Occasional commenter

    Once again, an excellent initiative from your school. Are there any CPD courses you could recommend before the start of term to help teachers do this more effectively? My appraisal is coming up, and I am sure you will be considering cleanliness of classrooms as an important factor in performance management.
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  13. Corvuscorax20

    Corvuscorax20 Senior commenter

    fantastic that you are funding staff tables in local cafe's and restaurants. Have you booked the whole premises, on a long term basis? Or just a specific number of tables for your staff. Have your teachers been allocated a table each? What budget are you allowing them per day?
  14. meggyd

    meggyd Star commenter

    But will the spa still be open?
  15. colacao17

    colacao17 Lead commenter

    What?????? Spread spread spread!
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  16. ACOYEAR8

    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    Visionary though this plan undoubtedly is, I would question its efficiency. Knowing your eye is ever on budget and needless expenditure (spa/hot tubs etc), surely your furloughed PE staff could be performing the cleaning tasks you outline in your post ? That way, they could get useful exercise to keep themselves in trim while simultaneously contributing to the overall hygiene of your wonderful school? If I may, giving teachers ' ownership ' is also not such a good idea - it might lead to a serious, even fatal undermining of the despotic dictatorship you are so carefully crafting.
  17. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith Occasional commenter

    Whilst I (like many others) think you're as much a headteacher as I play up front for Bayern Munich, I've always been convinced you're a troll.

    Looking at this post has me now convinced that you're posting satire, and will from now on read every single one of your posts as an article from the Daily Mash. In which case, it's brilliant, well done.
  18. install

    install Star commenter

    Your jokey posts are wearing thin and we are seeing the same repeated satirical stories over and over about a school that you claim to be in charge of. If you are going to make up stories please be a bit more inventive. Or - Why not come across as a real leader in your posts for a change with a real school and real staff?
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2020
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  19. chris_dalton63

    chris_dalton63 New commenter

    Major alarm bells worh teaching staff using bleach!! This is a major no no, bleachbis extremely hazardous and needs to be kept locked up when not in use. You cant leave it in classrooms. It also reacts with fabric and other chemicals. Please consider using an antiviral disinfectant instead.
  20. Andy13uk

    Andy13uk New commenter

    @TheHeadteachersOffice this is a serious thread and to be honest I have a hard time knowing what is a serious post and what is not from you. I have read this exact post almost in another thread.

    Are you actually a head teacher?

    Teachers are genuinely worried and trying to share information to get a better idea of what other schools are doing.

    Please just stop. Parody accounts are not needed when some of us could die going back.

    For example you say PE teachers will continue their furlough, no teachers were furloughed since we have been continuously teaching via remote learning. Seems a giveaway you don't even work in education.....

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