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secondary reference

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by wyonamason, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. wyonamason

    wyonamason New commenter

    I left a school I had been at for a long time last summer with a CA which stated that only the HT could provide an agreed reference. I'm OK with this, but most supply agencies seem to require a second reference. I managed to get an ex colleague to write one for a couple of agencies, but he is not exactly overjoyed at the prospect of providing this on an ongoing basis.

    If he were to provide a written reference to me, would agencies be willing to accept this if I passed this to them? Or alternatively, could I use the supply agency, or school I am currently working in on supply (2 weeks down, three to go, no complaints as far as I am aware).

    I know the second reference is much less important then the Big One, but if anyone has any ideas, I would be very grateful.

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