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Secondary PGDE Aberdeen Interview Results

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by JAM89, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I had an interview at Aberdeen university on the 10th of December I was wondering if anyone else had an interview around the same time and if they have heard if they have been successful or not.
    Thank You
  2. Hi Jam89

    I haven't had my interview yet. Have you heard anything now?
    How did the interview go? What kind of questions did they ask? Did you have to do a presentation?
  3. Hello,
    No I haven't heard anything yet I got in contact with the university today and was told they are finalising paper work so will hopefully find out soon. It is so stressful waiting so long. I think my interview went well but the longer I wait I start to have doubts. The interview was quite informal not really what I expected. I had never had an interview before and was quite apprehensive but the people who interviewed me were really nice and made me feel very confortable. Yes I had to do a presentation I think everyone will be the same I was sent videos and had to do a presentation on one of the videos. When is your interview? Best of luck for it.

  4. My interview is on Thursday. Getting nervous. I have prepared my presentation but am worried about what questions they will ask. I have been preparing answers but just dread getting a question that I haven't thought about and won't know what to say. Hope you find out soon.
  5. Hi!

    I had my interview yesterday. Don't know when I'll hear anything back? Any ideas?

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