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Secondary PGCE - ICT - Interview

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by bobbykeeler, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Dear TES

    I am looking for some advice !!! Any advice that may be able to help / assist me at interview.

    Essentially if anyone has any experience they wish to share of what their interview entailed and what their experiences were like I would be extremely grateful.

    Kindest Regards

  2. Some advice - don't bother.

    Tell them how wonderful you would be on their PGCE and how you will be so fantastic that you can distribute ICT across all subject areas and even get GCSE's for KS3 classes - they'll think you are an expert right away and will accept you on the spot.
  3. Bobby,

    Have you been offered an interview? If so, you should be given an outline of the interview day.

    If your interview is like mine, it will probably include some very simple tests of subject knowledge--mostly basic vocabulary--and an essay style question to check that you can read and write in a coherent manner. You'll also be asked to give a short lesson or presentation to other candidates.
  4. "They" will want to know answers to a few key issues.
    • Why you want to teach
    • Why you want to teach ICT
    • How do you know this is the best course for you
    • How do you know you fit on their course
  5. The only thing I can recognise from the above is the short presentation task.
    My experience was like this; the invitation letter asked me to prepare a short lesson lasting no longer than 5 minutes on a topic of my choice.
    I thought what they would be looking for would be someone who had the vaguest sense of timing and the ability to construct a cohesive sentence. So I decided to do 'How to Use a Spellchecker in Microsoft Word'. I knew this wouldn't run over the time limit and was very easily within my ability.
    Myself and the two other candidates were sat with the course director in front of his PC. I went first and presented my undemanding lesson without a hitch; the other guys - one tried to do something like an illustration of how to use ALL the filters in Photoshop, the other, something astonishingly complicated in Dreamweaver, bombed so spectacularly it would have been funny if they hadn't ****** away a hoped-for future. Ironically, I could tell they had been sniggering at my low-level, simplistic, jejune lesson.
    I suppose the moral of my tale is that if you do get this kind of task, KEEP IT SIMPLE, THINK ABOUT TIME and DON'T TRY TO SHOW OFF.

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