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Secondary Nurture Group- do you have one in your school, please contribute

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by jocall, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. My school is in the process of setting up a nurture group in secondary school, initially for KS3 pupils. Do you have one running in your school? If so would you be willing to answer a few questions? Our nurture group will be a totally separate group to a low ability/cross curricular class that has already been running successfully for 5 years. The intention is that it is for those with emotional or attachment issues (amongst other things). It is also hoped that it will help those pupils who are persistently getting fixed term exclusions.
  2. Hi in my school we currently have nurture groups runninbg in 7, 8 and 9. Am happy to answer questions and have put a bit of info below on how things are here.

    Nurture groups have been running sucessfully for several years although we had a bit of a blip behavourially last year. They have a small group of teachers who see them regularly for numeracy and literacy based lessons. Under the new system started this year, year 7 have the same teacher for 20 lessons olnly gouing elsewhere for ICT, PE, DT, they have dance art etc, with the teacher and another member of staff. Year 8 have the same teacher for 15 lessons, year 9, 10 lessons. It was found that the bheaviour of nurture students when outside the SEN area / staff were behaving really badly so we have significantly reduced the amount of teachers / rooms they now use.
    Students in nuture are very weak and many have reached us from primarly with very little reading/writing skill. Some more able students with emotional issues are also in there, as we have found their behaviour becomes much more stable in this enviroment with fewer teachers and class changes. Currently I teach a year 9 nurture group and take them for ICT, Eng, Humanities, and PL (Personal learning) and dance.
    To be honest my main focus is teamwork/cooperation skills as well as getting them ready to be able to function in GCSE English and BTEC classes by the end of year 9. Exclusion reates out of our nurture classes is low, but is does happen, if they really are unable to manage in main stream we have off site provision and a vocational centre ( yr 9-11) for students who need more one to one in a less formal setting.
    Hope this helps Night owl X
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  3. Hi
    I am the nurture group teacher within my secondary school. The nurture class runs in year 7 and 8, I teach the year 7's for 50% of their timetable and the year 8's for 40% of the timetable. I teach 7's English, Maths and Poject (creative curriculum) and the year 8's English, Maths, Geography, History and R.E. They then access the other subjects within the school as a small class of no more than 10.
    Children are placed in the nurture group for a variety of reasons including social and emotional reasons and if they are significantly behind academically. The only reasons pupils are not put in the nurture class is if they have behavioural problems.I'd be happy to answer any questions.
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  4. geminiteach

    geminiteach New commenter

    I run a KS3 nurture group for Year 7 pupils and would be happy to share my experiences with you.
    We have between 8 and 10 pupils with us for periods 1 and 5 each day and we focus on social and communication skills. We started the group last year and last year's nurture pupils are now doing well in year 8. I am writing up my experiences as a piece of research for my National Award for SENCOs, so will hopefully have some 'hard' evidence at the end of this process.
    We already know that being in the group improved the pupils' attendance, behaviour and attainment in class.
  5. Thank you all for contributing and being so helpful. Some of your descriptions match a group that we call a 'golden (or alternative) curriculum' class which we have been running successfully for 5 years. This group runs more on the lines some of you described, such as the one teacher for most of their lessons, a sort of primary model. They are all low ability pupils on entering the school and we have done really well in raising their literacy levels for instance. They also do behave differently when going off back to main classes such as DT and Science but we send TAs who know them well and help them with the strategies employed in the golden group. The nurture group we are starting up is a slightly different kettle of fish. It is primarily to help with those pupils (BESD), who have persistent fixed term exclusions and don't seem able to cope with the routine of the school day, or perhaps lack the social and communication skills needed to be able to cope with all the different adults and pupils in so many different classes.
    geminiteach - sounds like maybe this is more the model/rationale you have set up? If so, would be very grateful for any input/advise from you if poss?
  6. As a special school for pupils with complex learning needs we have a nurture group in KS3, some pupils stay in there full time, others have some lessons within the mainstream of the school and others move out completely at various points in their school career. The difficulty with a nurture group is measuring progress. We use the Boxall Profile - search online - and this shows us where the gaps in emotional development lie and also allows us to monitor progress in emotional rather than just academic progress.
  7. anonymousarty

    anonymousarty New commenter

    I would too! I feel a little like I am swimming in the dark at the moment, as it seems quite difficult to find "models" of these classes. I would be incredibly grateful for any advice!
  8. i am the yr 7 nurture teacher
    for a big sec school
    if theres anything i can help u with let me know
  9. Miss Gomez01

    Miss Gomez01 New commenter

    i am the yr 7 nurture teacher for a big sec school if theres anything i can help u with let me know

    I am going to start teaching a year 6/7 nurture group in september. The head teacher said he will arrange for me to visit a nurture group to get an idea, I have looked on the internet too but I know I will be meeting my class before I can arrange a visit...please help...where do I start? What would you suggest on the first day? Any ideas I would be so greatful!
    Many thanks??

  10. WeeMcBeastie

    WeeMcBeastie New commenter

    Me too! I am due to start teaching a secondary nurture group in September (initially Year 7) I would be grateful for any help or a.dvice as there is very little on the internet.
    In particular, how is the day structured in a KS3 nurture group? I am planning lots of circle time activities as well as team building activities but I am not sure what to do about English and Maths . For example, should they follow the same curriculum as their non-nurture group peers or should it be more individualised focusing on their needs?
    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. Miss Gomez01

    Miss Gomez01 New commenter

    Hello WeeMcBeatie,
    Well we are both in the same position here, Having had a quick chat with my head teacher, he told me to do what I want with them as long as I cover Literacy and Numeracy.

    I have used 'Lamb to the slaughter' looking at genres to start with in Literacy, and looking at basic timetables with numeracy as I dont know the levels of the students!! I will be having a chat to the maths teacher to gain some work from him.

    I am going to be using the schools garden as a class project, the head teacher is really happy about this, I am going to bring in budgeting and take the students with me to buy the goods we need. I managed to get hold of overalls, and our first job will be painting the fencing etc to freshen it up.

    I am also going to look at planned walks, but of course you need another member of staff with you and I am not sure I am goig to be that lucky.

    Also going to teach ASDAN with them and try and keep it as practical as I can, hence the garden work, (community)

    What Ideas have you come up with?? Looks like for the time being we can bounce off from each other??

    Miss Gomez01
  12. Miss Gomez01

    Miss Gomez01 New commenter

    Well, everyone seems to have disappeared, there must be other teachers out there that are willing to share their ideas.
    It is the first time I have taught a nurture group, I am just using my 9 years experience as a teacher to get me started.
    I am very willing to share ideas with other teachers in the same position as me, so if you are about to start teaching a nurture group for the first time, or you have experience in teaching nuture groups, lets share and not make this type of teaching be lonely!!

  13. WeeMcBeastie

    WeeMcBeastie New commenter

    Hi, Miss Gomez.
    Sorry for late reply, I was planning to reply last week but had a very busy week with my summer job and my beloved cat was hit by a car and killed so I've been preocupied, sorry! Sharing ideas sounds like a great idea, I have lots of ideas but so far they're all in my head and not on paper! It's great to find someone else doing the same role as there is a real shortage of information on secondary groups online. I am planning a community type project too but just not sure which ideas to go with. Plus my base room is temporary and the group won't be up and running for at least the first few weeks of term. It will probably be a good idea to message you if that's ok.
  14. anonymousarty

    anonymousarty New commenter

    Hiya, just seen this!
    Everything I do is based on raising attainment in lit and num, and social skills. I teach my group everything except the practical subjects, and at those times they join other year 7 groups. I teach roughly what the other students are learning, but focus more on the skills, than the topic. For example, in history we may learn the Norman conquest, but we will focus on learning research skills, and the assessment might be to write and perform a play based on the battle of Hastings. In a castle building exercise, the students will have a budget and will be expected to come in under that. At least two of the lessons will be indivdual learning - so doing something based on their own needs (normally based on something we are currently learning) and we have one explicit circle time, although circle time skills are in our day to day goals and targets.
    I try to make sure there is room for progression every lesson by setting work at lots of levels (red amber and green) plus extention work (purple).

  15. anonymousarty

    anonymousarty New commenter

    Also, for the first week, try to focus on getting to know you stuff, and give them a chance to be successful - doing display work really gave them a chance to feel like they had achieved something and gave them ownership of the classroom.

  16. Hi everyone,

    I will also start running a nurture group in September for Year 7. Im a primary school teacher by trade, so a whole different experience for me!
    I will be teaching my group english, maths, humanities and also taking them to do project work during languages. I was going to stick to the same topics for english and humanities but work on more basic skills, as for maths, im planning on using ks2 curriculum hopefully.
    Id be really interested in sharing ideas etc with you all if youll have me :)
  17. I am also teaching the nurture group this year. I started just after Easter and we focused a lot on project work and independence. This term my aim is for them to improve their social skills and be aware of their community. I would love to be part of a 'virtual group' to discuss ideas as for secondary school teachers it can be difficult being with the same class for such a long period of time and keeping ideas fresh!

    I have uploaded the project booklet I devised for students. I teach Humanities (RE by trade) but I am constantly thinking of ways to include numeracy and literacy.

    ...if you will have me too!
  18. anonymousarty

    anonymousarty New commenter

    This is such a good idea! Definitely up for that.
  19. Hi
    I work for an educational psychology company who offer accredited Nurture Training. As part of our training we go out to visit a working Nurture group which all delegates find really beneficial.We are in the Lancashire area and there are several Nurture Forum Groups made up from schools in this area who meet maybe once a month or so to share ideas and best practice etc. It may be worth finding out if there are any groups in your area that you could join? Hope this helps! :)
  20. Hi, I've just taken on a year 10 nurture group (English) and have no idea what to do with them, any ideas please?

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