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Secondary Interviews @ Glasgow - This Coming Week

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by joanmcdade, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Has anyone else got an interview for secondary teaching at Glasgow University this week?

    I am quite nervous!
  2. Has anyone else got an interview for secondary teaching at Glasgow University this week?

    I am quite nervous!
  3. hi cmrooney
    im in the same session on thurs morning i think.
    this is my first interview so not really sure what to expect but figured they can only ask certain questions! i hope ha
  4. Hi Folks,

    I am Thursday morning aswell - good luck to you all!

    fingers crossed...
  5. Thanks for the luck guys! Good luck to you both :) what subjects are you for? I'm English but it seems a lot of the general questions are the same regardless of subject. From what I've read on here I've focused on questions around my subject (obviously) CfE, AFL, active learning, behavioral issues, what makes a good teacher,why do you want to teach, differentiated instruction and inclusion. what about you guys? Any glaringly obvious I've left out? x
  6. Hey Ozzy69 yeah when I say I read around them I didn't go into a lot of detail at alll. Just made sure I understood what they were pretty much so that I could refer to them if a question came up. Still Reading around CfE stuff as there's soo much to it aside from the four capacities :/ apparently they don't expect you to know lots about any of that and it comes up more when you're on the course.

    Good luck for Thursday, I really empathise with you, never been more nervous for an interview.

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