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Secondary History PGCE Interview at Cumbria

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Laura89Allen, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Hi! Finally another prospective student - I haven't found anyone else!
    I was offered my place soon after Christmas. The lady who does the interviewing is really nice, friendly and makes you feel really relaxed. You'll do the written bit first - I can't remember what I wrote but it wasn't too difficult.
    You'll then go to a room with the other candidates and the interviewer, and she will talk you through the course, and you have the opportunity to ask questions etc. Then you'll do the presentation - I planned mine in a lesson plan format, so it looked like I was prepared, and also linked it to the curriculum areas it covered. I did the mill children of the 19th century, as it's what I'm doing my dissertation on and knew i was confident talking about it. Then, you'll have a sit down 1-2-1 and discuss why you chose your presentation topic - where the lesson plan came in useful - and why you want to teach. she asked me what I'd do in a given situation (ie. if there were persistent talkers in a class) and I gave step by step processes to show i'd thought about it logically (eg. a) warning b) 2nd warning, c) separate the kids, d) detention or whatever, and the limitations e.g. might there be any underlying issues i needed to be conscious of, for example home problems which the student needed to talk about, not embarrassing anyone, not letting it take over the lesson). After that you get to ask any questions you might have - prepare some, e.g. are students 100% found teaching placements (this can sometimes be an issue with some providers), what is the graduate employment rate etc etc etc.

    You usually find out about 5 days after your interview, though I had to wait about 3 weeks with it being christmas and whatnot!! Good Luck.x
  2. p.s my email is l.allen3@lancaster.ac.uk if you wanted to contact me x
  3. Hi Laura,
    Just got your messages - TES didn't email me when you replied :s

    I think it went ok.. but I'm not sure. I hate waiting to find out. Anyway, I'll let you know what happens!
  4. I felt like that - I thought it had, but then bits I was worried about, and she was that nice and kind, she gave nothing away so it was difficult to tell. I'm sure you will be fine =) x
  5. I've got a History PGCE interview at Cumbria on the 20th! I'm having a little bit of a panic over the teaching task. I have an idea what to do it on (Gunpowder Plot with emphasis on protestants vs catholics) but I've no idea how to keep it interesting yet short and sweet! x
  6. You think 5 mins sounds ages . . . don't be fooled!! If I were you, I'd look at how it would be taught in school - get a text book, ask a teacher - discuss 3 or 4 main points and then in the chat afterwards say how they fit into the curriculum. Gibe it a start, which says WHY its important to learn, and sum it up by showing how you've taught what needed to be learnt. if that makes sense. Don't sweat it too much though, it flies by!!

    By the way guys, feel free to add me on Facebook, Laura Allen - i'll be the one 'from Cartmel' with the Shanghai city view as my big picture. Be good to talk to some others . . . x
  7. So basically point out the facts that fit in with the one of the 6 key concepts that fit into the national curriculum as well
  8. Yeah I'd say so, makes it look like you've thought about it thoroughly. Good Luck, let me know how you get on!x
  9. slb1986

    slb1986 New commenter

    Hey, I just thought I'd say I got onto the PGCE History course in 2009 and you really don't need to panic about the presentation. Mine was genuinely **** and they had to stop me rambling after the 5 minutes was up. As long as they can tell you've tried with it remember that the teaching bit is what they teach you to do anyway they're not looking for someone to arrive being able to do it!
    Also I left my interview and burst into tears because I was sure I hadn't got a place, turns out I'd done brilliantly because they could see how much I wanted it and the emphasis I placed on how it's the pupils that matter. So good luck and try not to worry too much!
  10. How did you get on, have you had any news yet?x
  11. Hey guys I have my interview on 2nd April and as you can imagine I'm getting quite nervous about it. I've been reading your comments and they've been a lot of help, makes me feel a little less nervous when I know other people are in the same boat. I'm worrying about the presentation the most, I think I want to do it based on WW2 using a propaganda poster and showing how there would have been many subliminal messages within just one poster, but I have a feeling that may be a bit boring and I'm not entirely sure that it fits into the national curriculum. Any help would be most appreciated :). x
  12. I think I got on pretty okay. But then again, I couldn't tell AT ALL whether she liked me or not or thought I'd be a good teacher so only time will tell. But I gave it my best shot and I don't think I could have tried any harder or showed how much I wanted a place and to be a good teacher by the end of it all.

    I don't get told for 5-10 days. Is that normal for the timescale you had?
  13. They told me it's usually 5 days but as my interview was Dec 22nd, I had to wait about 3 and a half agonising weeks!! Let me know how you get on =) Good Luck to those who have them on Monday. I'll be in China for 3 weeks then, but will check back when I can!x

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