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Secondary History PGCE Cumbria 2011/12

Discussion in 'History' started by jenoir16, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Thanks for the comment. What year did you finish? Is there any chance that it could have improved since then?
  2. It's a very small course, so you get to know your cohort really well.
    This is good if they're all really nice like mine were but I would
    imagine it could get claustrophobic if you didn't necessarily get on.
    Cumbria is quite remote so not only is there not many schools but you
    have to travel quite long distances on bad roads for placements. Potentially a nightmare if there's snow! They may also
    send you to Lancashire as they have a campus there too so be prepared
    for the possibility of distance placement. Most of the schools are alright, I think there's one academy school in Carlisle which is a bit of a
    nightmare but other than that you should be okay.
    Be prepared for a very tough year but if you come out unscathed you'll be so glad you did it, at the end of the day everyone has a different experience on their PGCE but you just want the easiest time in an already tough year. I'm in my second year of teaching and while my school isn't perfect I'm glad I stuck out the PGCE.
    Best of luck, I'm sure you'll be fine [​IMG]
  3. hey i have been offered a place on the cumbria course and as i didn't gain a place in northern ireland for a pgce i will be moving to carlisle come september. anybody else on the course that will be living away from home like myself
  4. Yep received the offer and accepted it. Just need to sort out the paperwork and crb now! Very excited. I think there are only 16 of us? So a very small group!
  5. Oh cool, so are you both sorted for accomodation then?
  6. that is a small group. i havn't accomodation sorted yet just waiting to get info on it sent out then shall see what the options are. what about you?

  7. Hi Colin, I'm Paddy - I post as Chasing_Shadows on TSR as I'd forgotten my username on here! I'm curious about accomoddation - they don't seem to have specific postgrad halls. Part of me would love living halls but if theres first years partying all night long I don't knowhow I/we'd cope...
    What're you thinking of doing for accommodation? A house?
  8. Hi everybody I have been given a very impromptu interview for the history Pgce at Carlisle, which is next Tuesday! I just wondered since you have all been offered places, if you could shed any light on what type of questions i will be asked etc. Also the article Jenny Moon (reflection...) does anybody know what angle we are given for the literacy task?

    Oh and......Hi colbin!lol Seem to be running in to you quite often on this, Im glad to see you have got a place, its very disheartening applying to Coleraine over and over again!

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