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Secondary History PGCE at Exeter 2011/12

Discussion in 'History' started by want_to_learn, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have been lucky enough to have recieved a condtional offer for the PGCE in Secondary History at Exeter [​IMG]
    Just wondering if there was anyone out there who had also recieved an offer. I can't wait to get started now.
    Take care
  2. Hi,
    I have been lucky enough to have recieved a condtional offer for the PGCE in Secondary History at Exeter [​IMG]
    Just wondering if there was anyone out there who had also recieved an offer. I can't wait to get started now.
    Take care
  3. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Well done! I studied in Exeter, it's a lovely place to be. Are you from there?
  4. lucie19

    lucie19 New commenter

    I am hopeful they recieved my application last week so hope to hear soon. How quickly did they get back to you?
  5. Hi guys,
    I have an interview at Exeter for PGCE History next week and wondered whether any of you had any advice for me? The information Re what happens at the interview seems ok and nothing to worry about too much. Is this actually the case? Which revolution did you choose as your favourite? Did they ask questions at the end of it? I am thinking of doing the Indian Independence Movement.
    Sorry for all the questions, I'm very excited but as I am sure you can all understand also a tad nervous!!

  6. <font size="2">
  7. I've got an offer for the Secondary History course at Exeter too!
  8. Hey there,
    I've got a place at Exeter on the History PGCE too :)
    Looking forward to meeting you all in October!
  9. Well done, I am getting mroe excited now, just need to finish my degree now! Were any of you at the interview on the 10th Feb?
  10. Hi Lucky- is it for history?
  11. *sorry Lucy!!
  12. yeah it is!
  13. I was at the interview in November too! Do you know if other people from then also got a place?
  14. <font size="2">Hi Lucy,I would agree with previous comment: be yourself. Sounds corny but they chose you and turned others down based on your statement and application- so I would say have a good read of this and be prepared to talk about things you wrote on it.I had to do a presentation 5min, generic history based. I got the feeling they're more interested in how you come across to a group as opposed to the actual info. I think I prob pitched mine at about A-level standard and tried to make the pp pres jazzy without overkill.For me the little background reading I did around history/teaching/education and current issues was very valuable, we can all talk about our fav subject until the cows come home, what else have you found out about the job? Have a few opinions of your own on these issues. Also have a few reason why you chose Exeter over all the other possible institutions.I have noted a few useful resources earlier in thread the standard ones are good- TES, Guardian, BBC etc. The overall day was reasonably relaxed and if you do the little preparation they advise even enjoyable! Keep calm, do a bit of reading and you'll ace it1 :) <font face="Calibri">ALL: Please feel free to correct anything I have said!</font></font>
  15. Hi,
    I would just confirm what other people have said. It is a relaxed day, bearing in mind its an interview and the people at the interview did their best to put us at ease.
    The presentation is very important to them, as it shows them whether you have the natural ability to stand in front of people and present. So try and be as confident as ou can, and put across you'll personality. I did my presentation pitched at Key Stage Three and created an A3 flipchart to assist, but as previosuly said I don't think the content matters at all.
    I would read recent news articles relating to teaching and history specifically, but if you don't know the answer be honest with them. I didn't know the article that they asked me about, I said I didn't and they commended me for it.
    Just enjoy the experience really.
    In relation to how many places there are available, I saw the released numbers from the government and I think Exeter had one of the largest quotas at 30 for the course :D
  16. Hi, I would be interested in them - did you find them useful? My email is hcdb201@exeter.ac.uk

  17. Hello!
    I've got an offer as well and can't wait :D I studied English and History at Exeter so am very glad to be going back to Devon.
  18. Hello!
    I've been lucky enough to get an offer as well :D I can't wait! I studied English and History at Exeter so am looking forward to going back to Devon.
  19. Congrats Fiona- see you there :)

  20. We will all be on one of our preliminary placements during Freshers Week, I just checked the dates

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