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Secondary History Knowledge Advice

Discussion in 'History' started by glf1, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I am starting a PGCE in Secondary History this September, my degree is in Classics so my knowledge of the subjects in the National Curriculum needs refreshing! I am already aware of the subjects themselves and have done some research but I was wondering if anyone can recommend any books/ websites to help me with my subject knowledge?
    Any recommendations would be a great help, I'd hate to start in September and not know what I'm teaching!
  2. Listless

    Listless New commenter

    I wish I had that mentality before I started my PGCE. It would have really helped.
    As you can see from looking at the KS3 and KS4 curriculum the range is quite broad and schools can be quite flexible in what they choose. I would suggest you try to gather resources as much as possible as it makes planning so much easier if the lesson is based around a interesting source or video.
    Buy cheap books from the Works. They usually sell some stuff on 20th Cent history which you will cover in pretty much every school. Might also be worth looking at revision guides and textbooks. I wouldn't go too crazy with buying lots of meaty historical books. They will be great for your subject knowledge but they are harder to use in your lessons.
    Also you can sign up for the Teaching History journal which has some good teaching ideas and it will get you thinking about some of the key concepts we try to get across in our lessons.
  3. "The Isles" by Norman Davies is a bit of a tome at over 1,000 pages but it's a fantastic resource - structured chronologically, excellently indexed and with voluminous, useful appendices. It was on our pre-course PGCE reading list at Trinity & All Saints, Leeds in 2005. I didn't buy a copy (second-hand) until I was in my NQT year but wish I'd had it from the start.
    Good luck and enjoy the course, glf1.

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