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Secondary English PGCE Interview - UWIC

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rhirhimajic, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Elimay23- Any idea what the group assessment/discussion entails? What time is your interview on Wednesday? Mine's at 12 so might see you there :) no tips I'm afraid, I'm totally clueless about the whole process. Was that info included on your letter inviting you to interview or did you get it from somewhere else? My letter wasn't very helpful at all.

    LittleMissPip- I'm currently studying my undergrad degree at UWIC so I've been trying to find out as much as I can about the day but all anyone will tell me is 'bring a pen and be yourself'. Not helpful at all :( you've mentioned some really great points I hadn't thought about yet, thanks for the advice. I've never been in an interview for anything educational, only for part time shop work, so I have absolutely no idea what to expect!
  2. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    How do you feel the whole thing went?
  3. I recently had an Interview (two days ago) for Secondary PGCE English. In my interview they split us all into different rooms (from all subjects, not just English) and we had a list of topics we had to discuss and agree upon. After that we were put back into our subject groups and given a poem each that we had to read. We then did a written task on the poem and we had to come up with some ideas of how to introduce/present the poem to AS level students (first year A-Level) making it accessible. Probably a good idea to have a brief look at poetry across the key stages. The resources on here are pretty good.
    The interview this time was really tough and I felt a bit out of the loop. They told me it might be helpful to read a couple of books about Language by Martin Montgomery, and maybe have a look at a few grammar websites specifically designed for teachers
    The group discussion was brilliant but I don't think I got a place based on the interview, they were asking very specific questions about the type of things are affecting English teachers right now, testing in schools (for English), EBACS, Curriculum based information and then about my own reading habits.
    What I am going to do now to improve is to buy the Martin Montgomery books "An Introduction to Language and Society" is one title and I am going to use this network more to keep abreast of any new information.
    If you have any work experience, it would be helpful to keep a note of it and think of ways you can relate it to any questions that might arise regarding behaviour management or safeguarding.
    Hope that all helps a bit.

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