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Second time around - advice needed

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. You will find it very difficult to find a school willing to support you for assessment-only route for QTS, given the general employment situation in primary. You'll be in a similar position to overseas qualified teachers, and they find it very difficult to get on their programme for QTS by assessment and portfolio called OTTP because of the paucity of willing schools. Why bother taking on an unqualified where there is a glut of qualified staff looking for work?
    Pace Kritur, you can get on GTP as you haven't completed your PGCE and don't have QTS. But there is a fierce competition for GTP places - worse than for PGCE.
  2. Is there not a funding issue though as one lot of TDA funding has already been allocated to this person's ITT? I remember it being a specific question on the application form 'Have you previously undertaken and withdrawn from a course leading to QTS?' And with the number who apply for primary GTP each year I would imagine the priority would not be given to someone who has already done a PGCE and not achieved QTS?
  3. Yes, you may have to declare your previous attempt at QTS but this doesn't mean automatic rejection of your application, whether for PGCE or GTP. It's at the discretion of training provider whether to accept a trainee with a previous history at teacher training. Naturally they want to ensure that this time around the candidate will not drop out and have a chance of successfully completing the course, and they are sure to look closely into the circumstances surrounding your withdrawal. And if accepted, you are eligible for a full financial support for PGCE including bursary, and the school will get full package of support from TDA for GTP, including a grant towards trainee's salary.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I advice I was given is that it is up to the school regarding my application for ITT. AO seems like a difficult path although it is because of the financial climate I was told schools will take on unqualified.

    As for money being used up I would feel a bit fed up if I was qualified and someone got a place who had 'already had a go' but what about the waste of talent and resources. I am a fantastic teacher and my first 'attempt' at QTS was over 5 years ago. Everyone deserves a second chance and some of them turn out to be the better teachers!

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