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Second Time Applicants

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by fairy_88, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. hey!
    This is my third time applying, i did make big changes to my personal statement this year, my second year i made minor changes (added things etc) and still got 2 interviews. Not 100% sure of the exact number of places but think they are near enough the same as this years intake. Best of luck with your application, i sent mine to my referrees today. x
  2. Thanks good luck to you too! Are you applying to Moray House as well? Its a nightmare trying to get in I am currently working part time, so that I can help out at my local primary school, but I cant wait to be working full time and making a decent income! x
  3. Hey! This is my second time applying to Moray House. Hoping that my application is strong enough this year for an interview!! I changed my personal statement completely this year and just added to my work experience bit. I'm also working part-time and volunteering, not sure what I'll do if I don't get in this year, really can't afford to be moving away to other uni's and can't carry on only earning a part-time wage!! Did you apply to Moray House last year too? x
  4. Yeah I applied last year and went for an interview. I only made slight changes to my personal statement and work experience bit hopefully its enough. I am worried that I am going to end up putting so much pressure on myself, worrying about getting in, that if I get an interview I will blow it!! Yeah I know how you feel I am fed up being skint lol! x
  5. If it got you an interview last year then it must be good!! I didn't get an interview with MH as my maths result was pending but I did get one with Strathclyde. I can't afford to be moving anywhere else for uni unfortunately so MH is my only real option - just annoying how popular and competitive it is!! Fingers crossed for us both this year!! x
  6. How was the interview at Strathclyde (I have put that as my second choice)? Moray house interview was only a group interview and it wasnt too bad. Good luck :) x
  7. The Strathclyde interview was an individual one, there was a 10 minute presentation about the course first then everyone was split in to groups, you just sat with your group until you were taken. There was one member of staff and a head teacher from a local school interviewing each person. I knew I'd mucked mine up as soon as I'd left, I had sort of practiced mock questions and answers and I ended up thinking about them too much!! Were you given topics to discuss at your interview? x
  8. Yeah we were given four topics describe the qualities of a good teacher, a successful piece of work you have done with children and why it was successful, educational issues which pose a challenge and how inclusive are schools. It was groups of 6 and it lasted about 40 mins.There were two people doing the interviews and they just read out each question and left us to start the discussion so it can be difficult to get your input in if people in the group talk for ages. I thought it went ok but it is difficult to think of new things to say on each topic and at the end they asked us what we felt we had learned from today and that kinda threw me so I ended up mumbling some random comment lol x
  9. Hi. I'm applying for the second time too. Last year my degree was pending and I didn't know Edi wouldn't look at my application for that reason :( Anyway, my application is in for this year and I'm just waiting to hear now. I did change my personal statement quite a lot and I've been working in the local primary school for way over a year now so fingers crossed I get an interview. I'm a (very) mature student with a family so I don't know if I'd be able to apply a third time really. Does anyone know when the interview will be?
  10. Good luck papoosue :) ! Last years interview was in January so I think it will be the same for this year I didn't hear I had an interview until December. I am so nervous just want to get it over and done with feel, like I am stuck in Limbo waiting around!! x
  11. Hi

    The numbers will be the same as this year, so around 80 for Moray House and 140 for Strathclyde. Believe it or not, the following year they are expecting a shortage (!!!) and the numbers will go up again (slightly).

    Good luck to all applicants x
  12. Good advice, thanks. To be honest, it's the thought of an interview that has me terrified (also the thought that I might not get one!). Having been 'at home' raising two kids for the last ten years, the last interview i had was about 20 years ago, and I'm sure it wasn't as scary as the PGDE one might be. I have no real idea of what to expect either which doesn't help. Still, fingers crossed.
    Another thing that was concerning me was, if Edi don't offer me an interview, is there time for my application to go to and be considered by my second choice? I know it says that is what happens but does anyone know if realistically, that is what happens?
  13. Firstly don't worry now about the interview - that's months away and I can tell you that there is loads of advice here on these forums about it, it is usually a group interview and they give you the format and questions to prepare for in advance. Already sounding less scary? Hope so! Concentrate on your statement for now. And having children is a bonus [​IMG]!
    There was a big mess last year with the applications going onto the next choice, but I'd hope that they have that sorted for this year. Try not to worry about that and focus on getting into Moray House!
  14. Thank you, good advice...and yes, I'm slightly more calm [​IMG]

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