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Second choices

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by rross46, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. I had applied to Glasgow as my first choice, but got rejected, so my application is off to Strathclyde now. Hoping they still have spots. Was just wondering if any of you are, or have been in the same spot, with your application going to your second choice.

    Did your choice being the "second" choice have any noticeable impact on your application? Are you less likely to get in if it is your second choice? Would be interested in hearing your views/stories.

  2. Hi Ross
    I'm in a similar position. My first choice was Edinburgh and I found out just before Christmas I was unsuccessful. I gave up and nearly withdrew my application. I'm so glad I didn't as I have an interview with my second choice - also Strathclyde.
    I don't think you are less likely to get in if it's your second choice - they will choose people on the merits of their application, not uni preference. For me, I did eeny meen miny mo to decide my choices as they are both good unis and I wouldn't have minded going to either of them!
    Is it Primary or Secondary you've applied for? Have you heard about an interview yet?
    Good luck
  3. Secondary, computing. Haven't heard anything yet mate. My application got sent to Stathclyde on the 15th on Feb, so I guess it should take a few weeks for them to decide. Really hope I get an interview.

    How long did you have to wait to find out about your interview?
  4. Well, my application was sent to Strathclyde on 23rd December and I got my interview letter on 28th January.
    I think it's slightly different for secondary, as they don't have a closing date for applications.
    God luck

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