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Second chance - How do I make it work this time??

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by helenemdee, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. helenemdee

    helenemdee Occasional commenter

    Whatever some people say about supply agencies, they're not always terrible. I'm an NQT and was employed from Sept-Dec of last year. I jumped ship in December because of problems with behaviour management, an unsupportive head and advice that I'd "failed" the first term of my NQT. I subsequently signed up with some supply agencies,although a couple turned me down because of the reference from my Head - this further knocked my confidence and I believed there was little chance of my even getting to do supply, let alone getting a new job. However, one of the agencies took me on even after my ex-Head refused to give a reference (for reasons known only to her) instead the agency went on 2 other references from placement and tutor, which were both good. And now, the most excellent news! After only a couple of weeks supply, they put me forward for a great long-term job in a great school, I visited and had an informal interview yesterday and today... I've been told I have got the job!!! If it hadn't been for the agency I would never even have known about it becaue it wasn't advertised.
    The job is temporary until summer but could be made permant if I perform well. I am not being placed on an induction programme, because they already have NQTs and cannot accommodate another on an induction programme, so I am to remain employed by the agency until July and if the school decide to employ me permanently, I will then begin an induction programme in September. This doesn't bother me overmuch, but I think it's worth mentioning as I am wondering what level of support I can expect with the lack of an induction programme.
    The school know nothing of the difficulties in my last place of work and I would prefer to keep them covered up so I can truly make a fresh start. I am therefore asking for your help on how I can make it work this time. My last school knocked my confidence so much that I am convinced I am going to make a mess of things again. The main things bothering me are behaviour management and work/life balance. How can I start off on the right foot with behaviour management? I know of a lot of strategies, I know that you're supposed to start off hard and can ease up after a while - how do you "stamp on them" as I've been advised to do? How do I earn their respect? Respect was something I never got from my last class. Also, does anyone have any tips for minimising the workload and having a life outside of school? I am determined to have at least an hour a day to myself this time!
    I would really appreciate any replies! Sorry for the super-long post again!
    Helen x
  2. helenemdee

    helenemdee Occasional commenter

    Oh and by the way I'm Primary and the job is in Year 5. And just one more question - when the school asked what was the longest placement I've had, I replied 3 months and theyassumed that was a sickness cover, which I did not dispute. It was actually a maternity cover, but I left early because of the issues. I don't consider that I've been untruthful because maternity IS sickness cover, in a way - but what do others think?
  3. I have no advice, but as someone who is probably going to have to jump ship shortly due to the same reasons, this gives me great hope after what has been a horrible day.
  4. PS Well done :)
  5. Took

    Took New commenter

    Fantatsic news. Just one little point - I was led to believe that if a school is knowingly employing your for a term or more then they have to provide an induction for you, it's not a matter of choice for them. I think i'm right but you might want to post a message to James about it!?
    Anyway, don't want o dampen you good news but didn't want you to miss out on anythin you have the right to. Congrats again and good luck.
  6. Hi
    As this post last over a term the school does not have a choice over induction. They have to provide you with support, a mentor and the statutory reduction in timetable. Whether you are emplooyed by an agency or directly by the school/LA makes no difference. By law you must be on induction.
    I'm really p[leased that you have the job, but you must get this eworted otherwise it will be to your detriment. If you left your last school before the assessment point and no paperwork was completed or sent to the LA then technically you are starting induction now. If it is the same LA as the one where you had problems then they wil;l know you and they will know that you should be on induction and will just tell the head to provide induction and support anyway. If it is a new LA then a school employing a NQT and NOT putting them on induction could earn a rebuke for the Head for illegally employing a NQT.
    Please seek advice, do talk to the school - they probably are not aware that by law they have to place you on induction.
  7. helenemdee

    helenemdee Occasional commenter

    Thanks to all who have replied.
    James - thank you for making me aware of the fact that I need to be on induction in my new post. I mentioned it to the agency however, and they claim never to have heard of such a rule - and whenthey called me back later they said they had done some research including searching all over the TDA site and not found anything saying that any NQT in post for a term or more has to be on induction. I wonder if you can tell me where this information can be found (or do they need to contact the LA?) as clearly they seem to need evidence that this is the case, not just someone's word.
    I would love to hear any replies in relation to my questions about behaviour management and work-life balance?
    Helen x
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The above is frrom the tda website( after a bit of searching!) . Section 10 is the main one about which periods of employment are required for Induction to start.
    The tda information used to be much more accessible. I suggest you look on your union website for a clearer breakdown of what constitutes Induction employment.
    Basically, any employment intended to last for at least a term's length (from any point in a school term until at least the same point in the next term) MUST be part ofInduction if you are required to plan and assess a regular timetable.
    It doesn't matter whether you are employed p/t or f/t for that term's length, or whether you are employed on an LA contract, LA daily supply or agency supply ... it has to be part of Induction, with the requisite 10% timetable reduction.
  9. As a struggling NQT I have no advice but just want to wish you good luck and say how brave I think you are - issues would be enough to put me off for good!

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