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Second chance help and advice needed

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. I Haven't seen the new Training Bursary Funding Manual for 2011-12, so what I say refers to previous years.
    Normally, if you start your PGCE from scratch and don't carry over any credit from previous attempt, then you should be eligible for full bursary again (but bursary has been cut drastically, and only Secondary Maths, Science and MFL trainees are eligible).
    Funding for GTP is entirely separate from PGCE, and if you are accepted, you will be eligible for full salary and other support. You will be paid at the unqualified teacher scale, which is around 30% less than NQT on M1. Currently £15817 outside London. So while you will be paid out of school budget (but payment normally comes from the local authority), they get most of your salary subsidised by TDA.
    Biggest problem you'll face is that providers will be very wary of you and wonder if accepted the same thing may happen again. So you need to make clear in your personal statement that you are totally committed to the course, and that any issues at previous attempt have been addressed, and demonstrate it by having extensive school experience in the subject and phase. This may be difficult to arrange if you are teaching FT in FE, but it's essential if you are to have any success.
  2. A lot depends on the health problem. If it was an acute, critical condition which has since been treated and been cured then this should not be a problem. Of course the condition would have had to have been one which would have also precluded further participation on a PGCE course. Something needing months of total rest?

    However, if the condition was something which was related in some way to the stress and strain of a demanding situation, such as studying on a PGCE, then it would be very difficult I imagine. GTP applications require a declaration of any prior participation on courses leading to QTS. You will have to tell them why you did not complete the course.

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