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Second attempt at ITT

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by julieannjohnson, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. julieannjohnson

    julieannjohnson New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I don't want to waffle on about my previous experiences so will try to keep it brief. I gained a place on a PGCE style School Direct in the summer but found the university, placements and other family difficulties too much and so withdrew in October.

    I am now working as an HLTA, in the school where I was a TA before undertaking my under-grad degree and ITT. However, I have heard from friends that another training provider is much more flexible and understanding and feel that I am ready to reapply for either this September or September 2018.

    Does anyone have any experiences similar to this and also, does anyonne know how student finance will be affected by previous attempts at ITT?

    Thank you,
    Julie :)
  2. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    It depends what you mean by 'more flexible and understanding', and what the problem was with the original PGCE course (you don't have to give specific details if you don't want to).

    School Direct generally requires more time spent in school than a core uni PGCE, you must spend a certain number of days in school overall throughout the course, you must attend all uni sessions and other training session, and you must complete uni assignments as per the deadlines (if you do not meet assessment deadlines then your grade is reduced) - these aspects of the course are not negotiable, subject to illness and such of course, so if your personal situation would get in the way of these things on a regular basis then I would not recommend restarting a PGCE.

    Some courses may perhaps be able to offer a part time PGCE, but I think that is very rare, if you are wondering about flexibility in terms of working hours or days.

    If you mean 'flexibility' in terms of sometimes needing to leave as soon as school finishes in order to fulfill family roles, then that would depend on the school. Again, if there was a requirement to regularly do this, you may have problems, because some training sessions may take place after school, you may have departmental or whole school meetings after school, and you will be required to attend parents' evenings and such after school. If your personal situation would prevent you being able to fulfill these aspects of the job after completing the PGCE, then you need to rethink whether teaching is right for you at the moment.

    By your second placement you will be teaching quite a few hours a week, compared to your first placement; if your personal situation means that you will not be able to plan your lessons, create your resources and mark your assessments, then the PGCE is not for you.

    You should contact Student Finance and ask them directly. If you left in October you would have probably only received one payment, so I'm sure that problem can be resolved easily.

    By the way, change your username, if that really is your first name, middle name, last name - you don't want to be identified on here if you post more personal information in future.

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