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Seaside simple art ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by glitzandglam, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have some simple yet effective art or desoign ideas related to our seaside/water topic? We tried to make seaside collages yesterday but they were not very successful. Any ideas welcomed.
  2. Haven't tried it with seaside but used very successfully with Antartica landscapes.

    We painted landscapes, using pictures I had put together as a slide show for inspiration. The pictures I chose were pure landscapes, all featuring blues, blacks, greys and white. The children were only allowed to use dark blue, black and white paints. One of the objectives of the lesson was to get them to mix colours which they did to great effect,and produced some stunning work.

    You could do similar with seascapes featuring just sand, sea, sky. You could have pictures of dunes etc. to add depth and texture to their painting. Stormy seas would alos work well.

    I have put links to couple of pictures that might inspire.



    Hope this helps.
  3. My class once made some really effective sea pictures: start off with some card or good quality paper, splurge on swirls of blue and white ready mixed paint, then the children use their fingers (or brushes if you want less mess!) to swirl this around but not entirely mix the colours, so you end up with a great watery effect. You could add different tones of blue, I suppose, but I loved the results just from blue and white paint. We used them as a background for underwater collages with cellophane fish and the like.

    I've also don woven seaside pictures (a bit more complex) where you start off using browns at the bottom of the weaving for the bottom of the sea, then a mixture of deep blues for the sea, and lighter blues for the sky above. You can then stitch on fish, seaweed, yachts and so on.
  4. How about an activity based on seaside patterns and textures. Maybe the children could create collages of the seaside using different matrials such as sandpaper for the sand, tissue paper/coloured cellophane/fabric for the sea etc. You could create shell and seagull stencils and do some printing. The children could do rubbings to create patterned paper which they could then cut fish etc...out of. How about creating a giant class collage that the children can all work on together? Maybe a collage of above and below the sea.

    Hope that's some form of help, good luck :)
  5. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

    Observational drawings of seashells, ICT Paint program to draw seaside scene, papier mache octopus, collage fish (tissue paper, crepe, foil etc. Hope this helps.

    Strawbz x

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