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Seaside medium term planning.....heeeelp!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cath1980, May 22, 2008.

  1. magic grandad?
  2. whats that cath?? x
  3. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I don't know whether your school uses 2Simple but it has a story called 'A Trip to the Seaside' in the '2Simple stories' section. My kids love it because it's interactive and pitched to their EY level.

    We set up a beach in the classroom. Easier done than said, as it happens. I bought a heavy Indian yellow bed throw [king-sized, £10 and charged to school] in the market and used it for the beach. We put sand, shells, plastic crabs, small spades, buckets, etc, in the tuff spot. There was a beach chair, table and sun umbrella, and beach towels, sarongs, swimsuits and so on out to dry. On the wall [window, in our case] behind, we put pictures the children had done using a pale, thin, bluey-green wash over glue and glitter 'islands.' These were placed next to each other to make a continuous seascape.

    I must say, it looked lovely and was very popular.

  4. I did this topic last year, we have water as our theme though so we look at water in science to include the water cycle, changing forms etc. We look at the seaside in particular differneces between seasides now and in the past (this is the history aspect). we look at seaside resorts in the uk (geography, mapping skills) Children create their own brochures for a seaside resort. Look at seaside things, e.g buckets, spades etc. Talk about what you might take to the seaside, eg, in my case i packed.... there is a godd baranby bear book about going to the seaside. We made lots of arty things, crayon rubings of underwaterfish. Waterfall pictures using white piant splashed onto blue, sequined fish (rainbow fish story links well here), painted buckets and spades and made patterns on them. We also made mosaic sea creatures, e,g crabs, seahorse, fish etc and used little squares of gummed paper and stuck them on. We looked at pirates too (history) and made lots of pirate things e.g. hats, flags, trasure chests, maps (geography) and we made 3d parrots using newspaper to stuff our painted parrots. we also collected stones and painted them blue to be the sea and paintes an underwater scene on them, they were lovely. Good literacy links are the rainbow fish, katie morag stories(they are all based at the seaside) you could write postcards from a seaside resort, we are hoping to do poetry with our seaside theme this time, commotion in the ocean is another good ryhming book all about sea creatures. we also made seaside collages e.g tissue paper for sand, gummed paper boats etc..we also made boats using white art straws and made boats using woodenrafts and penciks and plasticine to see whos floated (link here is science floating and sinking)

    Not sure whether ahy of these ideas help. Its not an actual meduim term plan but it may give you an idea. We use a thematic approach so as our theme is water we do a lot around it and we dont discretely teach science one lesson a week or history a lesson a week...we simply try to make every lesson evolve around "water" and make sure that over the course of the half term we have covered some science objectives, some history, some geography and so on...hope this is of some use!

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