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Search Associates Cambridge fair for interns

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Hyowoo, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Hyowoo

    Hyowoo New commenter

    Hello all,

    I've got some questions about the coming Cambridge fair by the Search. I'm registered as an intern and have been recommended to attend this fair by my associate. However, travelling expenses is a thing to be considered in my case since I live right across the world. If it's guaranteed to secure a job there or has at least 90% of job acceptance rate, I wouldn't mind paying all the expenses and putting all the effort in travelling there only for the fair.

    So I'm looking for some true advices if it'd be really worthwhile to go to the fair for an intern job.

    Does anyone know how likely the interns could get a firm offer at the fair? Or anyone went to the fair and could share your experiences of the fair?

    As to my background, I have a masters in Education (not the teaching qualification), and now am studying PGCE online for the teacher qualification. I don't have full time teaching experiences but do have short-term volunteer experience at an IB international school. I have social sciences and global politics as my educational background so I'm thinking to teach either in primary homeroom or in secondary humanities. I speak Korean and Mandarin additionally at fluent level. This is just a side question - considering all these, which one would you see more possibilities at, the primary teacher or secondary humanities teacher?

    How would you see my possibilities of getting an intern job at the fair? Or should I really wait until some more intern positions to be posted on dashboard and hope to get some interviews over the Skype?

    I'd like to hear as many opinions and would really appreciate your sincere advice! Thank you so much and Happy New Years :)

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