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SEAL Good to be me theme song

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by exhaustedteacher99, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful"
    Sugababes "Ugly"
  2. Thanks for that one - already using that for 'Saying No to Bullying' unit.
    Any other suggestions

    Here is a list of the songs for units I'm already using:
    Disney's A whole new world - New Beginnings
    Bill Withers' Lean on Me - Getting on/Falling Out
    Sugarbabes' Ugly - Saying no to Bullying
    Will.i.Am's Hall of fame - Going for Goals
    ?? - Good to be Me
    Jack Johnson's We're Going To Be Friends - Relationships
    Terry Jackson's Seasons in the Sun - Changes
  3. My class really like this one (Sesame Street - What I am):
    They are Y5. :)
  4. Not sure what age group you are looking for, but there is a new songbook from Out of the Ark Music. Songs for Every happy, healthy school. Full of PSHE and SEAL related songs and fit with this theme.

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