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Discussion in 'Primary' started by LITTLEMISSMONKEY, Feb 18, 2010.


    LITTLEMISSMONKEY New commenter

    Hi, I'm fairly new to doing SEAL assemblies and have just been handed a folder outlining the assemblies that have been done in the past.

    I have to do an assembly on Monday and I know that the Little Mouse story and the Tiger teddy story (both in SEAL materials/additional materials) have already been used. Does anyone have any other ideas where I can search for a story?
    Thanks very much in advance...
  2. Had to do an assembly for interview on the very same theme and it went down very well.
    Will email you a copy if you give me yr email.
  3. talisman

    talisman New commenter

    I'm sorry to jump in on this one - but I would be v intersted in your alternative story. My email is sbeynon@bucksgfl.org.uk

    Thank you!!
    Where did you find alternative Seal assemblies - or did you make up your own?

    Thanks again
  4. The one I did was adapted from an assembly plan on Primary Resources website.
    Email on its way to you.

    LITTLEMISSMONKEY New commenter

  6. Any chance you could email me your Good to be Me Assembly please. I'm struggling! Me email is judith.hayes@talk21.com Many thanks

  7. Theres a fab song one sing up called '123 Good To Be Me' I use it when I teach this unit/do any assemblies. You could teach the children this song - that should 'pad out' a good five minutes or so :eek:)
  8. Any chance you could email me your Good to be Me Assembly please. I'm struggling! Me email is hannah.thom18@hotmail.co.uk Many thanks
  9. could you also send it to me!!! jlo_34@hotmail.com

    Thanks, Jo
  10. There are now some music materials to go with SEAL themes - songs from MES which have 2 versions -with and without choir and other slides and DVD music from Assembly Music Made Easy

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