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sea/ seaside assembly for parents and the rest of the school....

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by gemsy, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Hi i would be really grateful if anyone could help me as im struggling to think of something for my reception children to do for our FS and KS1 assembly. The theme is very broad so it should be easy but im not feeling very inspired! does anyone know of any songs we could sing?or good music we could dance to? i have thought of some good books (commotion in the ocean, fidgety fish, rainbow fish) but not sure what the children could do except acting the stories out???
    Many thanks in advance gemsy
  2. spectra75

    spectra75 New commenter

    perhaps you cud use the broadness of the theme itself. act out a seaside scene incorporating the learning objectives
    -sun safety
    -weather summer
    - holidays
    do a bright colourful assembly with a sea side scene..dress them up as people on the beach v doing diff things like applying sun lotion . they cud hold up the placards when its their turn, one person as sun, some ch making waves with fabric. in the end sing a nice song like summer is here...
  3. Just a couple of ideas:
    For songs, how about 'Oh I (we) do like to be beside the seaside!', or (if you're feeling brave) 'We all live in a yellow submarine'.
    You could act out the jellyfish counting rhyme (it's like ten green bottles, but with jellyfish), with children dressed as jellyfish (green bin bags with crepe paper wobbly stripes).
    You could have the children paint pictures / make collages / make 'sock' fish, etc. and have them hold them up with a word or two about their painting.
    You could use long lengths of blue and green material as waves for dances - something as simple as children with 'fish' headgear (pictures of fish on a headband) walking across the stage area through the waves. Some children could also use instruments to make 'sea' noises.
  4. thank you for both posts they are great ideas :)
  5. Thats a great idea about the jellyfish song, but I was just wondering what you would sing instead of 'should accidently fall'? Thanks.

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