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Scuse me for leaping all over your posts

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by The Pobble, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. That'd be too easy, delh2. I have about 5 hours worth of marking yet to do, so I am trapped indoors with only t'internet as an escape!!
    And as I have said before, I don't do friends, they insist on visiting! Or going out! Or some such silliness!
    I am shocked at the number of posts though.
    4 years = 4000ish a year, I only post at weekends
    = 40 per week (ish)
    = 20 a day! Nope, not too badly addicted!


  2. But a few of those posts have been in conversation with moi, and many more have been read by moi personally so they have enriched my life.
  3. Thanks, gorgybaby - but that puts you dangerously close to the limit of acceptably mushy! Beware!
    I've just realised, I have an awful head cold that I have been studiously ignoring. It could be the root of my misery! I may try baking! Distraction at its very best! [​IMG]

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